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2017 was a year of social transformations, 2018 should become time of crucial changes in economy, claims Prime Minister at a meeting with experts
11.01.2018 | 16:52

The year of 2017 was the time of launching fundamental changes in the social sphere - primarily in education, medicine, the pension system, and the main objective for 2018 is the introduction of important transformations in the economy. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said during a meeting with expert community. The Head of Government initiated a discussion to focus on a road map of the joint work for 2018 and to define emphases that should become the basis of essential decisions for the State over the coming months.

The PM reminded that in March of 2017 a meeting with experts had enabled the Government to draft a package of decisions on education, health care, and in autumn they had seen approval at the legislative level. Now on the agenda are privatization issues, shaping of deregulation initiatives, establishment of the Financial Investigations Service, etc.

"We advance, and we expect that in January we will have an opportunity to adopt decisions," the Head of Government said, "Economic growth is essential and this is the fundamental goal that we have set as a taregt for this year."

The participants of the meeting stressed that by improving economic performance Ukraine would appear on radars of large investors who, in fact, are waiting for a large-scale and transparent privatization, improvement of financial discipline and debt policy, introduction of anti-corruption programs, as well as setting order in energy sector, first of all in the gas market - both in the segments of extraction demonopolization of this sphere. No less important is the further reform of the State Fiscal Service, continued cooperation with international financial institutions, the improvement of the subsidies system, as well as drafting of decisions on the introduction of a cumulative pension scheme, including for the military.

The experts highlighted, last year the Government had proved its ability to generate the necessary initiatives and enact in Parliament. This experience has become very useful in the context of social transformations. And today it is in demand to bring about reforms in the economy.

In response, the Head of Government once again stressed that the landmark of economic growth, set for 2018, will require decisions aimed to ensure creating an effective investment climate, conducting transparent and efficient privatization, outlining goals of the land reform, continuing the reform of public administration, and taking other steps as well. That is why Volodymyr Groysman offered the experts to draw up a preliminary plan of action on the most relevant topics and issues that is to be tackled at the level of the Government and aftermath introduced in vital decisions.


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