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Congratulation by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on the Ukrainian Unity Day
22.01.2018 | 09:00

Fellow Ukrainian citizens!


The proclamation of the Act of Reunification of the Ukrainian People's Republic and West Ukrainian People's Republic, which was an epoch-making and long anticipated event for the whole Ukrainian nation, took place on January 22, 1919 on the St. Sophia Square in Kyiv. Two Ukrainian parts had been united under common banners after having won an independence from different empires in a desperate struggle. The Ukrainian people expressed an immutable desire to live in their own independent and united state. "The territory of Ukraine, divided over the centuries will now become a great-united Ukraine. Dreams, for which the best sons of Ukraine fought and died for, have come true", this statement was proclaimed in the Act of Reunification.

The Day of Unity is significant and one of the most important memorable days for our country. The Ukrainians are again forced to defend the integrity and independence of their own state with arms in their hands. All our efforts are aimed at releasing our brothers and sisters from the Russian-terrorist occupation. We will definitely return our occupied territories, as the desire of people to live together in a unified State is invincible.

Over the past few years, we strongly tossed aside opinions imposed from the outside how Lviv and Kharkiv, Transcarpathia, Donbas, Odessa and Chernihiv cities differ from each other. It is vitally important for us that now we are one nation who has a unique and rich cultural heritage, a profound history, common goals and clear prospects, and any differences between us only enrich us, not divide us. I am convinced that the idea of a successful, prosperous, fair European Ukraine makes us a unified country.

Congratulations on the Day of Unity of Ukraine! I wish all Ukrainians sound health and longevity, personal and professional achievements and peaceful sky above head!


Glory to Ukraine!


Glory to the Heroes!


Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr GROYSMAN



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