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Olexandr Saienko outlined topmost priorities for the Gov't in 2018
02.02.2018 | 16:58

Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Olexandr Saienko outlined the key priorities of the Government for 2018. According to him, among the topmost objectives will be prolonging reforms in decentralization, health care, education, agro-industrial complex, infrastructure, energy efficiency, public service. He stated this during a meeting with representatives of regional outlets that took place at the Government House on February 2.

"Having the State Budget adopted, the Government clearly identified several key priorities we offer for 2018," said Olexandr Saienko.

In particular, those include the implementation of a health care reform. "I personally deal with issues of proper communication, coordination of central government with local authorities and hospitals, so that to provide clear understanding of how this reform is being introduced, what effect bylaws produce."

He told that in the State Budget for 2018 there had been planned a resource worth UAH 1 billion for the Available Medicine program. On the commission of the Prime Minister, a mechanism is being developed to adjust this program to rural areas (now it is only in effect in regional and district centers). In parallel, we are facing a challenge to establish a network of cardiologic centers with the sum worth UAH 150 million to be allotted in 2018 for these purposes.

In addition, not less important issue, according to the Ministers of the Cabinet of Minister, is raising awareness among citizens of the need for vaccination. It is planned to provide hospitals with necessary medications with the resource of UAH 5 billion planned for that.

With regard to education in 2018, as Olexandr Saienko informed, the Government devised to expand a network of preschool educational institutions, an a particular financial resource was intended for these purposes. Also, according to the Minister, for the first time ever in 2018 the Government initiates a program of support for ‘first grades’ with a sum worth UAH 1 billion to ensure the implementation of it, "the first-graders would be provided with modern equipment, textbooks, and everything necessary." "That is, we want the first impression of the first-graders about the school be positive," the Minister emphasized.

According to him, for vocational education in 2018, there have been planned UAH 16.5 billion of additional subsidy for all regional budgets. A resource worth UAH 120 million is intended for the specialties of the state demand and UAH 100 million - for the development of infrastructure of vocational education.

At the same time, the Minister noted that the Government cares about raising wages and employment issues. This year about UAH 6 billion was planned to raise the salaries of educators in the budget and UAH 4 billion for physicians.

According to Oleksandr Saienko, among other priorities for the Government in 2018, there are agrarian programs included in the state budget with a UAH 7.3 billion resource, in particular, it concerns the development of livestock breeding.

In addition, the Government engages in the development of the road infrastructure. For these purposes there was planned for this year UAH 46.7 billion, plus an additional UAH 11.5 billion to be directed to local roads, adding economic effect is viewed as primary, because it would facilitate the opening of new plants, additional labor resource.

This year, the Government continues to introduce energy efficiency, in particular, to modernize the energy infrastructure to reduce gas demand. "In 2018, the Government budgeted UAH 2 billion for the functioning of the Energy Efficiency Fund. In addition, we also expect from our European colleagues a co-financing of up to EUR 50 million to be directed to fill the EEF."

Oleksandr Saienko emphasized that continuing the decentralization reform, the state will devolve more powers to the regions. So, in 2018, an additional UAH 38 billion resource will be transferred to the ground.


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