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Volodymyr Groysman called on the Parliament to rally around important bills of decentralization
28.02.2018 | 09:54

Further decentralization of power in the country and efficient implementation of the tasks of to pursue the reform require proper legislative support. The adoption by the Parliament of a number of important bills in the context of the reform is considered to give decentralization a new momentum and creates a legal basis to promote further development and to enhance the capacity of local governments at all levels. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said during a workshop dedicated to considering topical issues of pursuing the decentralization reform.

According to him, almost two dozen bills on the development of the local governance reform and territorial organization of power, decentralization of authorities, capacity building in the amalgamated territorial communities await their consideration and adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The Head of Government assures each of those "is the connecting link of a comprehensive and fundamental reform, on the quality of implementation of which depends whether the changes in key areas of life of the society would be effective."

"Throughout 4 years of decentralization process in the country, it has always had the constant support in the Parliament. During this time, even those who have never understood the importance of the reform or have refused to understand have changed their position seeing the results of it in a short time, and even became its supporters. I appeal to the people's deputies of Ukraine now to unite around important draft bills to prolong the reform. We should combine efforts and improve the situation when adoption of the necessary legislation lags behind the development of the territories, community development", urged the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Among the priority laws, Volodymyr Groysman singled out a bill that determines towns of regional importance as a capable community, which will allow them to become active participants in the process of voluntary association of territorial communities.

"The cities of regional significance are the least active in the process of amalgamation of communities. It is incorrect. They are centers of economic activity and it is logical when the surrounding communities join them. We propose an effective mechanism for that: we determine legislatively the towns of regional significance as capable communities, which in turn enables village communities and villages to amalgamate with the aforesaid communities avoiding holding elections to local council inside such a community, as it is in case with other united communities", stressed the Prime Minister.

No less important, he said, is a government bill "On the Principles of the Administrative and Territorial Structure of Ukraine".

"It does not foresee changes to the current administrative and territorial structure, but only determines the procedure for such changes. It also allows for the introduction of a register of administrative-territorial units, which is not being filled in our state, and identifies the subjects of the process of resolving issues of administrative and territorial structure".

It should be mentioned that in early February the Head of Government announced that among the top priorities is the completion of the decentralization reform, stressing that for this purpose it is necessary to carry out constitutional changes, to consolidate local governance at all levels, starting from the communities and ending with the regions.



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