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Prime Minister urges leadership of NACP to ensure flawless operation of an e-asset declaration system
01.03.2018 | 09:45

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman called on the leadership of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (hereinafter - NACP) to guarantee normal functioning of the registry in the coming weeks, the quality of the process of filling electronic declarations, and the effectiveness of the system for checking declarations for compliance with anti-corruption legislation. The Head of Government made this statement during the special meeting on issues of NACP functioning.

The Prime Minister stressed the shutdown of the system during the period of intense declaration is inexcusable. Readiness for the process should be one hundred percent.

"I don’t need any disruptions in the declaration system. It is equally important also to create an automatic checking system for declarations. This question must be resolved. Hence, there should be conclusions on declarations whether they are in compliance with the law or whether they require the reaction of anticorruption authorities, " the Head of Government stressed.

The Prime Minister drew attention to the fact that he, as the Prime Minister, cannot influence the process, because the NACP is an independent body. "I appreciate your independence, but the system should run like clockwork," Volodymyr Groysman claimed.

Moreover, he commissioned before May 1, to outline and implement certain steps that will allow once and for all to ensure the work not only of the declaration system, but also the verification system of electronic officials' declarations. The process will be coordinated by the Chairman of the State Service of Special Communication Leonid Yevdochenko.

"I, for my part, pledge readiness to provide necessary support, inter alia through Government decisions and decrees. I need an efficient system that will be the best answer to any political issue. The Anti-corruption Court  will be the third element in the system. It is important not only to detect violations, but also to conduct an objective trial in court and make sentences for corrupt people", the Head of Government underlined.


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