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Prime Minister: Ukraine is undergoing a process of building a new country
05.03.2018 | 13:43

Ukraine is undergoing a decisive phase of transformation and reforms pushed forward by the Government affect the most important spheres of life. The Latvijas Avize quotes Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman.

"We are not going through a transition period. We have a new period in the history of the country, thereby we are building a new Ukraine. We are changing the system of state governance, the decentralization process is being introduced as well as reforms in judicial and social spheres are being put into practice. We must switch from the economy type from based on raw materials to that based on added value", the Prime Minister stressed.

He emphasized economic upturn could be least 5% a year. "What did we outline as growing points? Industrial production, infrastructure, investment, and hence protection of investors' rights and the development of public-private partnerships and export promotion, the Head of Government accentuated, we are now launchig far-reaching programs for the development of the agriculture sector both in the segment of food production and agricultural machinery. We encourage farmers to grow livestock population and use machinery produced in Ukraine".

According to the Prime Minister, the state defense order has already been approved. "It's not just financing the army. This is funding for science of warfare, in particular the development and implementation of new types of weapons. Moreover, the development of industrial parks is considered as a very promising sector. There are many examples of creation of industrial parks in Ukraine, where young scientists have the opportunity to realize their potential and offer their best practices to the economy. I meet regularly with these young people - it is a very useful experience", Volodymyr Groysman underscored.


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