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Volodymyr Kistion: Gov't searches a reliable partner for PJSC MHU capable of loading the Ukrainian GTS to the maximum after 2019
22.03.2018 | 14:47

The core objective for the Government is to find such a partner for PJSC Mahistralni Hazoprovody Ukrainy, which together with government officials will ensure a high level of trust in Europe to the Ukrainian gas transmission system (GTS) and underground gas storage facilities (UGS). This was announced by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion during a public hearing of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety.

According to him, the said step will enable a large number of European suppliers to buy Russian gas in the east of Ukraine without any restrictions and to pay for the services of the Ukrainian operators of the gas transmission system and underground gas storage facilities for the transportation and storage of gas that are operating in compliance with clear and familiar for EU representatives transport network codes and gas market rules.

"Ukraine faces serious challenges, in particular, construction of bypass gas pipelines, myths about the unreliability of the Ukrainian pipe and unwillingness to ensure stable transit after 2019 that have a direct impact on the future of our strategic asset - the national gas transmission system. Therefore, the search for a reliable partner for PJSC MHU, the implementation of European energy legislation and the creation of an international gas hub are more than priority tasks", the Vice Prime Minister underscored.

Volodymyr Kistion stressed main requirements for the international partner are ensuring the loading of the GTS and UGS of Ukraine and in the long run, promoting the formation of a gas hub and integration into the European network.

"We held preliminary consultations with potential partners for PJSC MHU. On the basis of this, we will form proposals to the competition, but approval of the results of the competition and  adoption of a final decision on the selection of one or more partners lay with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ", the Vice Prime Minister summed up.

It should be noted that 10 international companies such as Eustream and Snam, the Gazunie and GRTgaz, GAZsystem, Desfa, Reganosa, Verbunddelz Gaz AG, Fluxys, Transgaz have sent their proposals regarding cooperation with PJSC MHU.

A specially established working group conducted preliminary consultations with international operators of main gas transmission systems, on the basis of which proposals will be formulated to the terms of the competition. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should approve the said proposals with a view to further transparent search of a reliable international partner for PJSC Mahistralni Hazoprovody Ukrainy.


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