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Oleksandr Saienko: Ukraine is en route towards transformation
22.03.2018 | 15:45

Ukraine is moving towards change, Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Oleksandr Saienko announced during a debate taking place within the framework of A Week of Ukraine in Berlin.

The topic for the discussion was the progress of reforms in Ukraine, prospects of cooperation between Germany and Ukraine.

"After the Revolution of Dignity four years ago, the Government had two challenges: to stop the aggression of Russia and the economic downturn. Today, we have managed not just to cease the decline, we have GDP growth and increased industrial output, over 40 percent of exports goes the EU. All those have enable the Government, for the first time in the years of independence, to embark on structural reforms, curbing corruption and reforming the system of public administration", the Minister stressed.

"Now Ukraine is on the path towards change. For investors, this is a country of opportunities with a growing economy", he added.

A number of structural reforms are on the agenda of the Ukrainian Government, said Peter Wagner, Head of the Support Group for Ukraine. He added that the potential of Ukraine is significant: "Ukraine has a strong industrial base, it can build airplanes and satellites. Over the past 4 years more change has taken place than during all years of independence. And now we see how a new, modern western country is being built."

Nils Schmid, Member of the German Bundestag, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, noted that a lot of reforms had taken place in recent years, but the Government should underpin the result.

"Through the lag in the implementation of reforms for 20 years, it is hard to bring about changes. However, we see changes in the society, economy", said Nils Schmid. He added that the issue of consolidating this result is a matter of strengthening the institutional capacity of public administration.

"We will continue supporting Ukraine", he stressed.

Oleksandr Saienko thanked European partners for the comprehensive support of reforms in Ukraine. "Due to this, Ukraine has a chance to undertake structural reforms and become a successful, prosperous European country", the Minister emphasized.


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