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Prime Minister calls for fire safety inspections of public buildings
28.03.2018 | 11:29

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman commissioned the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (hereinafter - SES), Ministry of Regional Development, Building, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine and other state authorities to carry out a thorough inspection of public places, schools, and shopping centers  in order to verify compliance with fire safety norms. The Head of Government  made this statement during a CMU session.

"A terrible fire tragedy that killed children happened in Kemerovo. I would like to express my condolences to the families of the victims", the Head of Government stressed.

The Prime Minister stressed such events should be prevented,  hence this requires a control system.

"The Government approved a decision to allow SES  to check public gathering areas for safety, but it's obvious that the work needs to be expanded. We give instructions to State Emergency Service, Ministry of Regional Development, Building, Housing and Utilities and other state and local authorities to begin a large-scale ispections of shopping centers, cinemas, schools, kindergartens, clubsall public places the Prime Minister stressed, owners of such places, who in pursuit of enrichment, are using every inch of the square to earn extra hryvnia or a dollar. But I warn everyone to carry out inspections and to make every effort in order to ensure high level of security".

The Head of Government proposed to draw up a list of objects for checking and to voice the results of previous inspections in a month and he drew attention to the fact that he needs peoples safety instead of fines.


On March 25, a fire swept through the Winter Cherry mall in the Russian city of Kemerovo. According to official figures, more than 60 people died, including more than 40 children, while the reports in social media claim the death toll is much higher. The preliminary results of the investigation proved that the mall was put into operation without an insurance contract because its fire safety features were below standards.

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