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Prime Minister: SESU kicks off detailed and thorough inspections of public buildings
29.03.2018 | 16:39

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine (hereinafter - SESU) pursuant to the Government decision from tomorrow begins large-scale inspections of public places in order to verify compliance with safety norms, first of all, fire safety. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on the results of the meeting with the Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Mykola Chechiotkin.

"The approved decision allows to carry out checks of all public places, primarily, cinemas, shopping malls, schools, kindergartens. In full synergy with local authorities, this should be done as quickly as possible and in future the said measures should be carried out systematically", the Head of Government stressed.

The Prime Minister emphasized inspections cannot be an instrument of pressure, but should be aimed at ensuring safety of citizens.

"We do not need fine sanctions, we need the safety of people. It is important for us to conduct prompt inspections, to give recommendations, and to ensure their implementation. If someone in pursuit of an additional hryvnia wants to expand premises with additional construction that hinder evacuation plan, they must be brought to responsibility. I would like to ensure parents with children could visit entertaining centers safely and without fear and could let their children go to the cinema without thoughts that something could happen there", Volodymyr Groysman underlined.

In his turn, the Head of the SESU confirmed that the inspections will begin tomorrow, March 30, and will be held in all public places in the format of additional training of staff.

"We are to have a hard-line stance if we see serious violations", Mykola Chechotkin stressed.

"I express gratitude for this tough position, we are moving in this direction. I would ask for a civilized, qualitative, demanding and public inspections, and make information available to the public", the Prime Minister added.


On March 28, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman commissioned the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Regional Development, Building, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine and other state authorities to carry out a thorough inspection of public places, schools, and shopping centers in order to verify compliance with fire safety norms. The Head of Government made this statement during a CMU session in the context of events in the Russian city of Kemerovo, where on March 25, a fire, that swept through one of the shopping malls, killed dozens of people, mostly children.

The Prime Minister stressed such events should be prevented, hence this requires a control system.



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