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Prime Minister initiates betterment of roads construction standards
12.02.2018 | 17:36

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman gives green light to improvement of the system of state building norms in the construction of roads in terms of the construction of the road surfacing and the following of safety instructions. The Head of Government issued this statement at a special meeting dedicated to road construction.

The Prime Minister recalled the Government allocates a significant resource for the construction of roads. At the same time, efficient use of funds is not only the length of the rebuilt roads, but also their safety and compliance with the quality requirements of the road surfacing. Thus, the improvement of the regulatory framework, on the basis of which road construction projects are beings haped, is a burning issue. After all, the quality of construction and traffic safety should be envisaged at the the project design stage.

The attendees emphasized such an approach is fully in line with the program "500-500-1000" presented last year - is a comprehensive action plan for the construction of 500 new traffic circles, 500 island sites and 1000 crosswalks. But the problem is that today all licensing procedures take a considerable amount of time and are inconvenient. Improvement and optimization of procedural solutions will accelerate the process.

"We are attracting billions to upgrade roads, but the question arises as to construction standards. We need to shortly change the said standards. New projects and construction solutions are needed in order to ensure effective use of funds. We need to give a message, how to design, what traffic rules as well as speed should be", the Head of Government underscored.

On the outcomes of the meeting, Volodymyr Groysman proposed by the end of February - beginning of March to shape new regulatory decisions in the construction of roads and make amendments to existing construction projects. It is essential to adjust all project documentation. This is not a problem," he stressed.


In January of 2018, the Head of Government came up with an initiative to raise attention to the problem of road traffic safety and to improve road construction standards aimed to ensure verifying the quality of construction activities and effective use of funds. Volodymyr Groysman suggested apart from analyzing the legal framework on the specified issues also establishing a Coordinating Council on road safety issues. "On my proposal, we are setting up a Coordinating Council on road traffic safety, as well as drafting the necessary regulatory decisions. The roads in Ukraine will be of high-quality and safe," said the Prime Minister.

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