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We stand ready to maintain stability and lead the country towards economic growth, says Prime Minister during a meeting with MEPs
06.04.2018 | 14:05

The Government of Ukraine has a clear economic strategy and is committed while maintaining stability lead the State to economic growth by adopting critical regulatory decisions, simplifying business procedures, and developing the most progressive industries.

This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during a meeting with a delegation of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament. The Head of Government stressed that the dialogue between governments and parliaments proves an important component of political cooperation both within the State and on the international arena.

He told the MEPs about the ambitious program of reforms of the Cabinet of Ministers and the prime objective of the transformations - to achieve a 5-7% GDP growth. To this end, more than 30 economic bills have been prepared and gradually adopted, and the Roadmap for the implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union is being implemented.

"We have opened up opportunities for reforms in the pension system, healthcare and education sectors. And now they are being introduced. We have identified the targets in the economic policy - and we are moving towards its implementation. We are geared up to maintain stability and lead the country towards economic upturn", said Volodymyr Groysman.

Separately, the parties focused on cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, the establishment of an anti-corruption court in Ukraine as an independent body and an essential component of economic growth, the issues of corporatization of state-run corporations, the establishment of principles of public management and efficient management of Government property. "I am aware that it is crucial to eliminate any corruption threats", the Head of Government noted. "And in this context, the anti-corruption court should be as transparent and independent as possible, with judges having a proven reputation."

The Prime Minister thanked the European side for prolonging the program of humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian citizens who suffered from the hostilities in the east and for the programs of macro-financial support for Ukraine that are truly needed. In the meantime, the Head of Government noted, the volumes of the mentioned macro-financial assistance is objectively insufficient to provide a breakthrough. That is why Ukraine needs to accelerate the development and build up the capacities, the Prime Minister assures.

In turn, the Members of the European Parliament stressed that the European Union and the European Parliament had been and still remained the allies of Ukraine on a range of issues of international policy and the directions of reforms in Ukraine. First of all, it concerns anti-corruption policy and change in the energy sector.

"We are here, in Ukraine, as a small team. But in the European Parliament there is a much larger group of Ukraine's friends. We commend your success. And we express readiness to help", said MEP Laima Andrikienė.


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