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News of ministries (arhiv 11.2002 - 04.2009)
June, 2009
24.06.2009 | 14.51 STA: IMF mission clears up problem moments of tax area of Ukraine
23.06.2009 | 13.12 Ministry of Fuel and Energy: Yurii Prodan holds meeting with Richard Morningstar
22.06.2009 | 19.11 Economics Minister: Bohdan Danylyshyn takes part in sitting of Club of Ambassadors in Ukraine who talk Ukrainian
19.06.2009 | 13.25 MinTrans: Odesa Sea Port and Halifax Port of Canada ink Memo on cooperation
18.06.2009 | 16.32 Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC and EU tackle issues of filling Ukrainian GTS with natural gas
18.06.2009 | 13.31 State Customs Service: Agreement between Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Government of Montenegro on mutual assistance in customs matters signed
18.06.2009 | 11.11 Ministry of Economics: Bohdan Danylyshyn leads Ukrainian delegation which is to participate in 42 sitting of CIS Economic Council
16.06.2009 | 11.21 Ministry of Fuel and Energy: Enerhoatom and Mitsubishi tackle cooperation prospects
15.06.2009 | 12.31 Economics Ministry: Bohdan Danylyshyn and Igor Petrishenko sign Memorandum on cessation of mutual anti-dumping investigations between Ukraine and Belarus
12.06.2009 | 12.31 Ministry of Industrial Policy: Gov't approves decision to support shipbuilding branch
11.06.2009 | 17.00 Justice Ministry: Ukraine to participate in sitting of Venice Commission for the Democracy through Law
10.06.2009 | 14.41 MinTrans invites investors to overhaul railway terminal in Mykolayiv
09.06.2009 | 13.10 State Financial Monitoring Committee of Ukraine continues international cooperation with financial intelligences of other states
05.06.2009 | 10.32 Ministry of Family: Ukrainian national team will have firm support of fans during ХХІ Winter Olympics in Vancouver
04.06.2009 | 15.45 Ministry of Transport and Communications elaborated over 200 investment projects to the tune of UAH 80 billion
02.06.2009 | 13.20 Economics Ministry: Bohdan Danylyshyn met with president of Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkey (TUSKON) Rizanur Meral
May, 2009
29.05.2009 | 21.11 Defence Ministry: Meeting of Defence Ministry of Ukraine Yurii Yekhanurov with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski takes place
29.05.2009 | 20.23 Economics Ministry: Bohdan Danylyshyn to take part in Trade Ministers Summit "Future of Global Trade: Opportunities and New Prospects for Cooperation"
29.05.2009 | 11.53 MES: There are no epidemiological threats to Europe's states from the side of Ukraine
29.05.2009 | 11.40 MinJust: Minister of Justice of Ukraine to partake in UN campaign Men Leaders Against Violence
28.05.2009 | 12.32 Defence Ministry: The Visegrad Group to tackle prospects of European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine
27.05.2009 | 12.31 State FinMonitoring: Financial intelligences of Ukraine and USA sign Cooperation Agreement
27.05.2009 | 12.30 Defence Ministry: At the National Defence Academy of Ukraine training of specialists of High academic courses for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine completes
25.05.2009 | 14.52 State Financial Monitoring: Financial intelligence of Ukraine participating in Egmont Group sitting
22.05.2009 | 17.00 State Customs Service: Ukrainian-Hungarian meeting of customs officials held
20.05.2009 | 13.52 Ministry of Transport and Communications: Anti-epidemic regime strengthened to prevent swine flu virus
19.05.2009 | 18.31 Environment Ministry: Enlarged sitting of Bureau of Environmental Policy Committee of UNEEC underway
15.05.2009 | 16.00 State FinMonitoring: Kyiv hosting international events with Ukraine-NATO group and EAG
13.05.2009 | 11.01 MinRegionBud: German companies intend to build airports and stadiums in Ukraine
07.05.2009 | 13.31 Health Ministry informs about situation with А/H1N1 influenza virus in the world
07.05.2009 | 10.30 MIA: To investigate the reasons of fire in Dnipropetrovsk inquiry-investigation group set up
05.05.2009 | 11.11 State Committee for Industrial Safety, Labour Protection and Mountain Supervision: All mine works forbidden at Novodzerzhynska mine
01.05.2009 | 13.41 Health Ministry: Vasyl Knyazevych meets with head of WHO in Ukraine Ihor Pokanevych
April, 2009
21.04.2009 | 16.00 Ukrautodor is persistent with Ukraine's plan on preparation to Euro-2012
21.04.2009 | 15.10 Ministry of Environment: Minister Heorhii Philipchuk partakes in meeting dedicated to protection of Black Sea against pollution
16.04.2009 | 10.30 Labour Ministry: Gov't introduces social equity regarding dues to the Pension Fund
13.04.2009 | 17.02 STA: IMF mission meets with leaders of Tax Administration
13.04.2009 | 14.02 Economics Ministry: Memo between Economics Ministry, MinAP and National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine UkrTsukor inked
13.04.2009 | 11.31 Defence Ministry: Turkish men-of-war attend Sevastopol with three-day unofficial visit
10.04.2009 | 16.11 MinTrans: Cabinet of Ministers approves cost of construction of underground in Donetsk
10.04.2009 | 12.11 Defence Ministry: Ukrainian helicopter squadron of the UN Mission in Liberia adjusts with Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine to Guinea and Senegal the plan of evacuation of citizens of Ukraine in case of political tension in Guinea
10.04.2009 | 11.00 Ministry of Environment: ХІІ International Exhibition Environment-2009 winded up
08.04.2009 | 15.01 Culture Ministry: Program of Cultural Cooperation for 2009-2011 with Culture Ministry of Serbia signed
08.04.2009 | 10.51 NAER: Ukraine and USA considering possibility of cooperation in the area of use of methane gas as alternative energy source
06.04.2009 | 11.00 MinTrans devised over 200 investment projects to the sum of UAH 80 bn
03.04.2009 | 18.00 Ministry of Industrial Policy tackles modernization of national enterprises
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