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April, 2018
13.04.2018 | 13.36 Prime Minister: Decentralization and government support programs for farmers offer ample opportunities to significantly change situation in rural areas
13.04.2018 | 13.32 In mid-May we expect the Ukrautodor report on the road construction quality control, says Volodymyr Groysman
13.04.2018 | 11.29 Pavlo Rozenko: Over recent years Ukraine has made a leap forward in remuneration
13.04.2018 | 11.18 NATO Deputy Secretary General: NATO is ready to assist Ukraine in preparation for the final adoption and implementation of the bill on national security
12.04.2018 | 15.26 Ukraine-Turkey Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation winds up its 11-th meeting in Ankara
12.04.2018 | 12.06 Ukraine and Turkey express readiness to intensify the implementation of joint projects in the energy and aviation sectors - a meeting of Prime Minister of Ukraine with Minister of Interior of Turkey
12.04.2018 | 10.30 Ukraine and Lithuania note increasing trade turnover and strengthen logistic capabilities - a meeting of Heads of Government of the two States
11.04.2018 | 19.03 Oleksandr Saienko: Performance appraisal of senior civil service officials will be carried out according to the new standards
11.04.2018 | 13.35 Government approved the State Social Program on Providing Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men up to 2021
11.04.2018 | 11.36 Vote rigging or buying must be punishable by law, urges Prime Minister of Ukraine
11.04.2018 | 11.28 Gov't changes approaches to vocational education and introduces the concept of regional demand, claims Volodymyr Groysman
11.04.2018 | 11.25 Prime Minister about the inspection of public institutions: I will not tolerate lack of order and responsibility
11.04.2018 | 10.28 Stepan Kubiv to stay on a working visit to Turkey
10.04.2018 | 17.45 State Statistics Service: Inflationary processes remain within the range of seasonal fluctuations
10.04.2018 | 17.10 Kyiv hosts International Conference on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflicts
10.04.2018 | 16.49 April 11-12, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin to pay an official visit to the Republic of Macedonia
10.04.2018 | 15.41 Road safety must be ensured for every driver, claims Prime Minister
10.04.2018 | 14.11 Hennadii Zubko: Germany is ready to provide additional 10 million euros for Energy Efficiency Fund projects and 4 million euros for energy auditors training
09.04.2018 | 12.25 The issue of compliance with safety requirements applies not only to fire regulations, Volodymyr Groysman
09.04.2018 | 10.50 We are working out a formula for fair gas price for future periods, claims Prime Minister
08.04.2018 | 00.05 Congratulation of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on Easter
07.04.2018 | 12.40 Volodymyr Groysman: Establishment of hospitals, clinics and rural health posts is within responsibility of regions and it should be communicated to the public
07.04.2018 | 11.10 Volodymyr Groysman: The partnership of central and local governments will be instrumental in promoting development of the country
06.04.2018 | 15.11 Cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in energy sector is the most intense nowadays - a meeting of Prime Minister of Ukraine and Director-General of DG for Energy of the European Commission
06.04.2018 | 14.05 We stand ready to maintain stability and lead the country towards economic growth, says Prime Minister during a meeting with MEPs
06.04.2018 | 12.27 Annual growth in gas production of no less than 1 billion cubic meters to guarantee independence from fuel imports, claims Volodymyr Groysman
06.04.2018 | 11.10 Prime Minister: Debt burden is a challenge, though a policy to boost economy would enable Government to reduce it
05.04.2018 | 18.38 Stepan Poltorak held talks with Delegation of the US Senate
05.04.2018 | 16.18 Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze met with MPs of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament
05.04.2018 | 14.13 Decentralization requires change of mindsets and approaches to the formation of regional development strategies, says Prime Minister
05.04.2018 | 12.27 Prime Minister about new stage of decentralization reform: Medium-term planning should become the agenda
05.04.2018 | 10.58 Volodymyr Groysman: Over 20 thousand hectares of land have been transferred to the communities today
05.04.2018 | 10.35 Viacheslav Kyrylenko congratulates winners of The Heroes of 2017 Sports Year Award
04.04.2018 | 15.36 Working Group chaired by Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers agreed on a draft plan for 2018 major privatization
04.04.2018 | 12.28 Government approved a draft law on the transfer of 500 thousand hectares of land to Ukrainian farmers
04.04.2018 | 11.39 Prime Minister of Ukraine announces an extended Government meeting to prolong the implementation of the decentralization reform
04.04.2018 | 11.36 Over 8 million citizens enjoy benefits of the Available Medicines program, claims Volodymyr Groysman
04.04.2018 | 09.15 Over 60 domestic "green" projects worth EUR 1.7 billion look for investors on UAMAP
03.04.2018 | 15.13 Group of Ukrainian soldiers to undergo treatment and rehabilitation in Belgium
03.04.2018 | 13.39 Economic growth, change of production model and further market demonopolization are key objectives for the Government, says PM to lawmakers
03.04.2018 | 12.21 Northern Falcon 2018: Joint Ukrainian-Danish Operation kicks off
03.04.2018 | 10.26 Prime Minister of Ukraine laid a capsule before the construction of the second stage of the Holodomor Victims Memorial
03.04.2018 | 09.39 37 ESCO deals to the tune of UAH 40 mln concluded through PROZORRO
02.04.2018 | 18.58 Law enforcement agencies should not perform irrelevant functions and interfere with business activities, claims Oleksandr Danyliuk
02.04.2018 | 17.55 Prime Minister: Creation of Anti-Corruption Court will allow to bring any disagreements on anti-corruption infrastructure to a close
02.04.2018 | 16.08 Submitting e-asset declarations is relevant for officials and heads of state holding companies, but not for civil society leaders, says Volodymyr Groysman
02.04.2018 | 13.30 The roadworks season starts, quality of work and control of freight transport are in focus, claims Prime Minister
01.04.2018 | 17.15 Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman congratulated Christians of Western Rite Orthodoxy on Easter
01.04.2018 | 10.17 Volodymyr Groysman: We have laid the foundations for positive developments over the past years
March, 2018
31.03.2018 | 10.07 Volodymyr Groysman: The success of the healthcare reform introduced by the Government will be the success of citizens
31.03.2018 | 09.58 Volodymyr Groysman submits his e-asset declaration
30.03.2018 | 19.50 Pavlo Klimkin met with President of Turkey
30.03.2018 | 13.00 Prime Minister vows all military retirees will receive improved pensions for the period January-March
30.03.2018 | 10.51 More than 100 thousand Ukrainians signed declarations with doctors
30.03.2018 | 10.28 Hennadii Zubko: Economic stability is a topmost priority for Ukraine in conditions of Russian aggression
30.03.2018 | 09.39 SAEE presented promising areas of cooperation in the field of energy efficiency to the U.S. Embassy
30.03.2018 | 09.23 Lilia Hrynevych to sign the Declaration on the guaranteeing the rights of persons belonging to the Bulgarian minority
29.03.2018 | 16.39 Prime Minister: SESU kicks off detailed and thorough inspections of public buildings
29.03.2018 | 15.23 Government allocated UAH 142 million for establishment of Transparent Offices in regions
29.03.2018 | 12.48 Ukraine joined the Worldwide Child and Youth Friendly Community Initiative
29.03.2018 | 10.28 Key trends in European integration processes discussed in Kyiv
29.03.2018 | 09.45 Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze took part in NATO-Ukraine Commission meeting in Brussels
29.03.2018 | 09.26 The sixth meeting of the Ukrainian-Turkish Strategic Planning Group co-chaired by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Turkey will be held in Ankara
28.03.2018 | 11.36 Ukraine and Israel rounded off negotiations on signing FTA agreement, claims Volodymyr Groysman
28.03.2018 | 11.29 Prime Minister calls for fire safety inspections of public buildings
28.03.2018 | 11.23 The reform of public administration is an important part of the European agenda for Ukraine, says Oleksandr Saienko
28.03.2018 | 10.53 First Vice Prime Minister: Ukraine is actively applying European best practices in industrial development
28.03.2018 | 09.10 The 138th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union is taking place in Geneva
27.03.2018 | 16.50 Ukraine has made a remarkable reform progress, it is crucial to keep on, says Peter Wagner
27.03.2018 | 11.23 Ukraine and the European Union intensify industrial dialogue - outcomes of the meeting of Prime Minister of Ukraine and European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
27.03.2018 | 11.08 At a meeting with business, Hennadii Zubko briefed about anticorruption roadmap in construction sector
27.03.2018 | 10.03 Commander of Ukrainian Air Force to participate in 17th Annual International Conference to be held in the UK
26.03.2018 | 17.43 Parliament endorsed 10 bills of the joint Government-Parliament Roadmap of legislative support for the implementation of AA
26.03.2018 | 17.14 Vyacheslav Kyrylenko chairs meeting on the preparation of the International Forum dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor
26.03.2018 | 16.39 Prime Minister: We have to invest in the development of law enforcement sector
26.03.2018 | 12.08 Ryanair already in Ukraine, says Volodymyr Omelyan
26.03.2018 | 11.54 Volodymyr Groysman: The National Guards units are the pride of the State
26.03.2018 | 11.40 TIDE Hackathon 2018: Ukrainian service personnel are winners
25.03.2018 | 10.20 Breach of economic relations with Russia will make Ukraine stronger, assures Volodymyr Groysman
24.03.2018 | 12.49 Prime Minister congratulated officers of the Security Service of Ukraine on a professional holiday
23.03.2018 | 17.30 State Statistics Service: Ukraine sees growth of commercial real estate construction
23.03.2018 | 14.10 Ukraine and France to boost trade turnover up to USD 3 billion
23.03.2018 | 13.32 MIP and Association4U held workshop on communication with media
23.03.2018 | 12.22 First Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine holds talks with Lithuanian Senior Adviser
23.03.2018 | 11.49 Prime Minister calls pressure on business by law enforcement agencies a subversion
23.03.2018 | 10.31 Hennadii Zubko: Road map for energy efficiency cooperation with IMF is a key priority for Ukraine
23.03.2018 | 09.44 A mechanism of establishment of the Council for State Support of Cinematography approved
23.03.2018 | 09.36 Ukraine has always been viewed as important, but in 2014 turned into strategic partner
22.03.2018 | 20.38 Government sets up Ministry for Veterans Affairs
22.03.2018 | 18.04 Prime Minister handed over an angiograph certificate to the newly built clinic of the Kolomyia Central District Hospital
22.03.2018 | 15.54 UN Human Rights Council discussed the human rights situation in the temporarily occupied Crimea and other regions of Ukraine affected by the Russian aggression
22.03.2018 | 15.45 Oleksandr Saienko: Ukraine is en route towards transformation
22.03.2018 | 14.47 Volodymyr Kistion: Gov't searches a reliable partner for PJSC MHU capable of loading the Ukrainian GTS to the maximum after 2019
22.03.2018 | 14.37 Prime Minister: Mountain regions should be actively integrated into the life of the country
22.03.2018 | 14.08 Government transfers agricultural land outside inhabited localities to 6 more consolidated communities
22.03.2018 | 11.05 Stepan Kubiv told about priority steps to support innovation in Ukraine at the Verkhovna Rada
22.03.2018 | 09.55 In Qatar, Minister of Defence signs military cooperation document
21.03.2018 | 17.02 Government endorsed establishment of UkraineInvest state agency
21.03.2018 | 16.52 Opening of the land market will give a powerful impetus to Ukraine's agriculture, assures Olena Kovaliova at the World Bank conference
21.03.2018 | 15.41 General Muzhenko discusses development of Special Operations Forces with NATO partners
21.03.2018 | 14.07 Government breaks off Economic Cooperation Program between Ukraine and the Russian Federation
21.03.2018 | 12.27 We change approach to conducting road repairs: we do not lay kilometers of roads, but we construct high standards roads to connect cities, claims Volodymyr Groysman
21.03.2018 | 12.15 Prime Minister: Ukraine successfully rounded off negotiations with Ryanair
21.03.2018 | 12.04 Arsen Avakov met with Ambassador of Italy to Ukraine
21.03.2018 | 10.05 The 35th session of the Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore of the World Intellectual Property Organization takes place in Geneva
20.03.2018 | 17.56 State Statistics Service: Road infrastructure repair and maintenance allows to increase ground transportation of commodities
20.03.2018 | 16.40 Ukraine and Qatar agreed on military-technical cooperation
20.03.2018 | 14.58 Prime Minister promises overall support for Ukrainian athletes
20.03.2018 | 12.39 Effective financing of science and startups will allow for a technological breakthrough in Ukraine, assures the Prime Minister
20.03.2018 | 11.07 Olexandr Saienko: Gov't brings to bear a new coordination mechanism to speed up privatization
20.03.2018 | 10.31 Multinational arms control verification group to arrive to Ukraine
20.03.2018 | 10.06 Government of Ukraine is building a modern ecosystem by attracting foreign investments in the high technology sector and by supporting innovations
19.03.2018 | 15.56 Ostap Semerak: We are grateful to France for in-depth study of the exclusion zone possibilities
19.03.2018 | 15.54 Ukraine and Croatia to strengthen social dialogue, claims Prime Minister
19.03.2018 | 14.10 Volodymyr Groysman urges to verify the cases of searches at offices of a number of companies with regards to abuses by law enforcement agencies
19.03.2018 | 13.06 Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers and Francis Fukuyama discussed cooperation in reforming the public sector
19.03.2018 | 11.58 Olexandr Saienko to lead the Government delegation to Germany
19.03.2018 | 09.28 Eight European Foreign Ministers: Four years on but we will not forget illegally occupied Crimea
18.03.2018 | 10.00 Prime Minister: Russia will be forced to comply with all court decisions on gas contracts
17.03.2018 | 10.39 Prime Minister believes consolidated position of Parliament on adoption of a package of economic decisions be preserved
16.03.2018 | 16.59 Government Committee chaired by Stepan Kubiv commissions to include mining in the Classifier of Types of Economic Activities
16.03.2018 | 16.35 US Government within the framework of USAID Project made a significant contribution to the development of energy efficiency and clean energy in Ukraine
16.03.2018 | 14.58 Ministry of Finance appeals to MPs to vote for the draft law No. 7518
16.03.2018 | 13.05 Quality remains essential requirement in road construction activities, assures the Prime Minister
16.03.2018 | 12.33 Dumping on mineral fertilizers market is inadmissible, says PM
16.03.2018 | 12.22 Prime Minister: Crimea is part of Ukraine and only Ukrainian elections can be held there
16.03.2018 | 12.17 Government is drafting a decision to terminate the program of economic cooperation with the Russian Federation, says the Prime Minister
16.03.2018 | 10.42 Prime Minister: Monetization of subsidies for travels in public transport requires verification of persons entitled to benefits
16.03.2018 | 10.11 Clear Sky 2018: Kyiv hosts planning conference of multinational exercise
16.03.2018 | 09.28 The European Commission approves the fourth program of macro-financial aid to Ukraine
15.03.2018 | 16.17 Vice Prime Minister informed about amount of investment needed for modernization of municipal water and heat supply systems
15.03.2018 | 15.01 Deputy Minister of Defence for European Integration holds talks with representatives of Yale International Relations Association
15.03.2018 | 14.32 Volodymyr Kistion: Prior consultations with potential international partners of PJSC MHU allow to form terms of the competition by taking into account the real needs of the market
15.03.2018 | 13.32 Prime Minister: Gov't draws up operational plan for road inspection, all mistakes will be fixed at the cost of dishonest contractors
15.03.2018 | 11.58 Volodymyr Groysman commissions to expedite elaboration of building standards
15.03.2018 | 11.50 150 million euros of KfW German government loan will be attracted to infrastructure projects, - Volodymyr Omelyan
15.03.2018 | 09.18 Statement of Pavlo Klimkin, Foreign Minister of Ukraine
14.03.2018 | 18.03 Ukraine and Austria are ready to strengthen political dialogue and step up economic relations - a meeting of PM and Federal President of Austria
14.03.2018 | 17.45 State Statistics Service of Ukraine: Agricultural enterprises ramp up production
14.03.2018 | 17.05 Prime Minister: Government launches operation of the Innovation Council with a key goal to trigger a technology support and development system
14.03.2018 | 16.50 Stepan Poltorak: Lithuania is our strategic partner supporting Ukraine in fighting against aggressor
14.03.2018 | 14.53 Energy efficiency programs allow to improve the quality of services while reducing consumption, says PM
14.03.2018 | 12.47 Gov't toughens the responsibility of non-payers of alimony and takes further steps in this direction
14.03.2018 | 11.45 Prime Minister: Government allocates UAH 400 million for Warm Loans program
14.03.2018 | 11.44 Cabinet of Ministers introduced a number of decisions on improving social protection of disabled persons, claims Volodymyr Groysman
14.03.2018 | 10.35 Volodymyr Kistion met with newly formed Supervisory Board of new independent operator of the gas transmission system
13.03.2018 | 15.53 Information about the use of the "Single-Stop" procedure at the customs
13.03.2018 | 15.27 Oleksandr Danyliuk and State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands Menno Snel signed the Protocol to the Convention on Avoidance of Double Taxation
13.03.2018 | 15.10 Ukrainian Armed Forces to implement new logistics principles
13.03.2018 | 10.39 General Muzhenko holds talks with Senior Adviser Nick Parker
12.03.2018 | 17.23 Ministry of Education and Science in synergy with BRDO will frame a policy for the development of educational technologies
12.03.2018 | 15.19 Investments in Ukraine should be successful, claims Prime Minister
12.03.2018 | 11.38 Ukraine and EU demonstrate solely active cooperation - a meeting of PM and Federica Mogherini
12.03.2018 | 11.08 Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine on European Integration: Ukraine is a reliable gas supplier and trustworthy partner for Europe
12.03.2018 | 10.28 North Atlantic Alliance officially acknowledges Ukraine's aspiration to gain full-fledged NATO membership
12.03.2018 | 09.32 Intervention by Permanent Representative of Ukraine in Geneva at General Debate on Agenda Item 3 of HRC 37th session
08.03.2018 | 09.00 Congratulation by Volodymyr Groysman on International Women's Day
07.03.2018 | 12.27 Anti-Corruption Court should be independent and launch operation as soon as possible, says Volodymyr Groysman
07.03.2018 | 11.08 Stepan Poltorak: More than 24,000 female service members are in the Ukrainian army
07.03.2018 | 10.21 Prime Minister: Ukraine is carrying out profound economic transformations in order to enter new markets
06.03.2018 | 17.19 Ministry of Health establishes close cooperation with Norway
06.03.2018 | 17.05 Ukraine and the UK will shape a joint mechanism to tackle cybercrime and organized crime
06.03.2018 | 15.40 Energy system works in a normal mode, announces Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry
06.03.2018 | 12.45 Pavlo Rozenko: Available Medicine program should be implemented in every part of the country
06.03.2018 | 10.09 Stepan Poltorak: I am grateful to Sweden for support of all Ukraines aspirations, including Euro-Atlantic ones
06.03.2018 | 09.32 Finland's Foreign Minister: Practical support of Finland for reforms in Ukraine will be increased
05.03.2018 | 17.37 Ukrainian and Swedish Defence Ministers discuss prospects of defence cooperation
05.03.2018 | 17.11 Ukraine and Finland signed an Agreement on support for New Ukrainian School
05.03.2018 | 15.52 Pavlo Rozenko: Military retirees will receive increased pensions already in March
05.03.2018 | 13.43 Prime Minister: Ukraine is undergoing a process of building a new country
05.03.2018 | 12.31 It is very important to continue international pressure on Russia and force it to fulfill its international obligations, claims Minister of Defence
05.03.2018 | 10.26 Stepan Poltorak: Peacekeeping mission in Donbas should meet all requirements of international regulations and law
03.03.2018 | 15.14 Ministry of Finance: 80% of companies use the single-stop customs clearance procedure
03.03.2018 | 14.06 Statement by Permanent Representative of Ukraine at interactive dialogue with Special Rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Council on freedom of religion or belief at HRC 37th session
03.03.2018 | 10.57 Ukraine can become a member of the EU programme Life+, which will allow communities to finance environmental projects on the ground
03.03.2018 | 09.22 Steven Silverstein: United States invests in Ukrainian security
02.03.2018 | 19.04 Prime Minister: Nothing endangers gas supply to Ukraine, from tomorrow we will purchase gas from the European market
02.03.2018 | 15.06 Hennadii Zubko: Energy savings and energy efficiency should become a tendency for Ukraine
02.03.2018 | 14.00 We are boosting our economic potential and invite Latvian business to invest in different spheres, claims Prime Minister
02.03.2018 | 11.52 Prime Minister: Gazprom has resorted to blackmail against Ukraine and Europe
02.03.2018 | 11.25 Ukrainian Armed Forces command and control system undergoes transformation
02.03.2018 | 09.30 PM at a meeting with President of Latvia: Sanctions against the aggressor must be continued until Ukraine's territorial integrity restored
02.03.2018 | 09.06 The Regional Forum on Sustainable Development for the UNECE Region takes place in Geneva
01.03.2018 | 18.05 The policy towards economic growth is intended to solve the problems of labor migration and brain drain, claims the Prime Minister
01.03.2018 | 17.53 Stepan Kubiv and Vitalii Klytchko signed a memorandum of cooperation on PPP projects
01.03.2018 | 17.08 Ukraine and Latvia are deepening political dialogue and keen on increasing mutual trade turnover - meeting of Heads of Government
01.03.2018 | 13.17 PM expresses an idea of a total ban on law enforcement contacts with businesses
01.03.2018 | 13.13 We strive to create a full-fledged gas market inside the country, claims Prime Minister
01.03.2018 | 12.37 Volodymyr Groysman: We focus on protecting business interests
01.03.2018 | 11.31 Cypriot business is ready to promote mutually beneficial cooperation with Ukraine
01.03.2018 | 09.45 Prime Minister urges leadership of NACP to ensure flawless operation of an e-asset declaration system
01.03.2018 | 09.26 Stepan Poltorak stresses development of cooperation with Finland
February, 2018
28.02.2018 | 20.21 Prime Minister: Decentralization reform allowed to increase local budgets up to UAH 231 billion
28.02.2018 | 14.21 Government and Parliament approved the Roadmap for the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU
28.02.2018 | 13.29 PM: We set up a Coordinating Council on traffic safety
28.02.2018 | 12.25 Prime Minister: Effective action against corruption is the key to additional budget revenues and efficient resource management
28.02.2018 | 12.07 Ukraine moves towards achieving energy efficiency and complete reliability on domestic energy production, claims Volodymyr Groysman
28.02.2018 | 11.47 Prime Minister pushes forward the establishment of a commission to verify cases of pressure on business
28.02.2018 | 10.14 Event on "Human rights violations in Crimea and parts of Donbas" in the OSCE headquarters
28.02.2018 | 09.54 Volodymyr Groysman called on the Parliament to rally around important bills of decentralization
27.02.2018 | 17.21 Third Session of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Indonesian Commission for Economic and Technical Cooperation was held in Kyiv
27.02.2018 | 17.19 Volodymyr Kistion: Government of Ukraine is committed to pursuing reforms in energy sector
27.02.2018 | 15.04 CMU transferred agricultural land to the first seven consolidated communities
27.02.2018 | 13.26 Average wage must be improved up to UAH 10 thousand, claims Prime Minister
27.02.2018 | 11.32 Government gives impulse a bill on the Anti-corruption court to be placed on the agenda of the Parliament, says Volodymyr Groysman
27.02.2018 | 10.19 Sea Breeze 2018: Odesa hosts planning conference
26.02.2018 | 16.36 Hennadii Zubko claims local governments should act within legal framework which is viewed through the prism of the state's duty to ensure the safety of citizens
26.02.2018 | 16.08 Industrial production is growing, key sector is processing and production of durable goods - State Statistics Service
26.02.2018 | 15.38 First EU-Ukraine High-Level Transport Dialogue took place at the Ministry of Infrastructure
26.02.2018 | 14.21 Prime Minister urges to include into agenda a bill on Anti-corruption court and vote on it in the Verkhovna Rada as soon as possible
26.02.2018 | 13.11 Minister of Defence of Ukraine to pay official visit to Finland
26.02.2018 | 10.03 February 24, 2018, Ukraine became a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
23.02.2018 | 16.49 Volodymyr Kistion: First interviews with potential partners of the gas transmission system of Ukraine were held
23.02.2018 | 15.24 Vice Prime Minister: Demonopolization is a key element to the creation of a free gas market
23.02.2018 | 15.00 Representatives of Office of Defence Cooperation at US Embassy in Ukraine visits National Defence University
23.02.2018 | 12.52 Meeting with the US Congress delegation was held at the MFA
23.02.2018 | 11.45 PM initiates changes in the system of building standards for residential houses
23.02.2018 | 11.43 Minister of Infrastructure announces creation of the Center of Transport Innovations HypeUa
23.02.2018 | 09.15 MIP Presents National Communication Campaign on Occasion of the Day of Crimeas Resistance to Russian Occupation
22.02.2018 | 17.37 First round of the Ukraine-India consultations on the draft Bilateral Investment Treaty
22.02.2018 | 16.46 Creation of anti-corruption court is burning issue on the cooperation agenda with IMF
22.02.2018 | 15.12 Stable and sustainable business development is the target of the Government's economic reforms, assures Volodymyr Groysman
22.02.2018 | 13.33 Prime Minister: Decentralization strengthens responsibility of local authorities and community expectations of its leaders
22.02.2018 | 12.19 Danish FM Samuelsen: It is strategically important for Denmark and whole Europe that Ukraine succeeds in reforms, and it needs international support for that
22.02.2018 | 10.23 The first EU-Ukraine High-Level Transport Dialogue took place at the Ministry of Infrastructure
21.02.2018 | 16.28 Government continues to implement reform policy with the support of the United States Prime Minister at the meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State
21.02.2018 | 15.02 Prime Minister vows the process of upgrading pensions for military is ineluctable
21.02.2018 | 11.50 Qualitative changes in the education system are tools for the bright future of the country, claims Volodymyr Groysman
21.02.2018 | 11.28 Prime Minister: Gov't endorsed a decision on increasing pensions for retired military personnel
21.02.2018 | 10.18 The 80th session of the Inland Transport Committee of the UNECE takes place in Geneva
20.02.2018 | 15.58 Changes undergoing in Ukraine will ensure a new quality of life, claims Volodymyr Groysman
20.02.2018 | 15.07 Ukraine continues to pursue reform policy and pledges readiness to propose new areas of cooperation - PM at the meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
20.02.2018 | 14.50 Ukraine aligns itself with the Joint Statement from Proliferation Security Initiative partners in support of UNSC Resolutions 2375 and 2397 Enforcement
20.02.2018 | 11.44 Prime Minister honored the memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes
20.02.2018 | 10.19 Stepan Poltorak: We have to use constructively Ukroboronprom's potential
20.02.2018 | 09.21 The 17th session of the Group of Experts on European Agreement Concerning Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport took place in Geneva
20.02.2018 | 09.00 Address by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on the occasion of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Day
19.02.2018 | 16.28 Vice Prime Minister will discuss prospects for decentralization reform in Ukraine with representatives of the European Commission
19.02.2018 | 16.03 Ukraine and Moldova discussed areas of cooperation in energy sector
19.02.2018 | 15.38 Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine for European Integration holds talks with Defence Attache at Romanian Embassy in Ukraine
19.02.2018 | 14.45 New efficient policy aimed to leverage investments in state enterprises to be introduced this year, vows Prime Minister
19.02.2018 | 10.20 Ukraine needs investments, we have to create favorable business environment, claims Volodymyr Groysman
19.02.2018 | 09.53 Prime Minister: Stimulation of production will allow to saturate the market and stabilize prices, any regulation generates only shortage of goods
16.02.2018 | 17.05 Statement in response to Ambassador Gyorgy Varga, Chief Observer of the OSCE Observer Mission at two Russian checkpoints on the Russian-Ukrainian border
16.02.2018 | 16.34 Minister of Defence of Ukraine appoints new Commandant of Kharkiv National AF University
16.02.2018 | 12.35 Prime Minister: Gov't endorsed the construction of a high-speed railway line between Kyiv and Boryspil airport
16.02.2018 | 11.57 Volodymyr Kistion: The situation concerning wage arrears for miners in unacceptable for the Government
16.02.2018 | 10.32 Canadian instructors train Ukrainian military at Navy NCOs Training Centre
16.02.2018 | 09.52 Government has approved VAT installment for equipment imported for Ukrainian companies
15.02.2018 | 15.50 PM: Economic baseline for the Government in work is a 5-7% GDP growth
15.02.2018 | 14.30 Prime Minister: We remember the feat of veterans of overseas wars, their social protection - in the constant focus of the Government
15.02.2018 | 13.55 CMU appointed Government Commissioner for Gender Equality Policy
15.02.2018 | 09.45 Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approves Annual National Program NATO-Ukraine cooperation
15.02.2018 | 09.17 The 52nd session of the Working Party on the Standardization of Technical and Safety Requirements in Inland Navigation of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee takes place in Geneva
15.02.2018 | 09.02 Address of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on the occasion of the Day of Commemoration of Combatants in the Territories of Other States
14.02.2018 | 17.40 Ukraine's economy sees growth 8 quarters in a row - State Statistics Service
14.02.2018 | 14.47 Volodymyr Groysman: Ukraine continues reform policy and is grateful to World Bank for supporting the path of change
14.02.2018 | 12.30 PM: We paved the way to the creation of a new Ukraine
14.02.2018 | 12.00 Gov't completes negotiations with General Electric, says Volodymyr Groysman
14.02.2018 | 11.53 Government offers new incentives for the development of key industrial sectors and investment attraction, claims Prime Minister
14.02.2018 | 11.31 Prime Minister reports on the performance of the Cabinet of Ministers and the topmost objectives set for 2018
14.02.2018 | 09.40 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin participated in the ministerial meeting of Global coalition to defeat ISIS
13.02.2018 | 17.36 MIP: International Broadcasting Channel UA|TV launches website
13.02.2018 | 17.02 During the EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly, the second meeting of the ad hoc working group on the implementation of Association Agreements took place
13.02.2018 | 15.21 MTOT hosted a meeting with the HelpAge International Delegation in Ukraine
13.02.2018 | 15.09 Agreement with IOM provides for the creation of protection mechanisms for the most vulnerable populations
13.02.2018 | 12.04 Defence Intelligence of Ministry of Defence of Ukraine sums up 2017 results
13.02.2018 | 11.25 A meeting with Qatari Minister of Energy and Industry takes place
13.02.2018 | 10.58 Gov't emphasizes the responsibility of the Ministry of Healthcare and local authorities for the implementation of state medical programs
13.02.2018 | 09.14 SFS and GACC made a quantum leap in interagency cooperation
12.02.2018 | 17.36 Prime Minister initiates betterment of roads construction standards
12.02.2018 | 15.20 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin will participate in the ministerial meeting of the Global coalition to defeat ISIS in Kuwait
12.02.2018 | 14.23 IMF technical mission commenced its work in Ukraine
12.02.2018 | 11.43 Italian energy company considers a possibility of installation of wind farms in Ukraine
12.02.2018 | 11.34 World Bank to provide Ministry of Education and Science with expert assistance in creating educational online platform and conducting public procurement
12.02.2018 | 10.03 General Muzhenko thanks foreign defence attach?s for assistance and support
12.02.2018 | 09.36 Ukrainian Embassy in Washington hosted a meeting of the US-Ukraine Business Councils members with Ukrainian Parliamentarians
09.02.2018 | 16.31 Volodymyr Kistion: We are planning to hold first interviews with potential partners of Mahistralni Hazoprovody Ukrainy PJSC February 21-22
09.02.2018 | 15.57 Hennadii Zubko singled out priority projects to be implemented in regions
09.02.2018 | 15.53 Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Government of Ontario join efforts to improve healthcare sector
09.02.2018 | 14.36 Ukraine and Lebanon to step up cooperation in agriculture sector
09.02.2018 | 13.43 Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov met with the Minister of the Interior and Safety of the Republic of Korea Kim Boo-kyum
09.02.2018 | 11.46 All military retirees who deserve improved pensions will get them, assures Volodymyr Groysman
09.02.2018 | 10.57 Prime Minister urges to vie for well-being of citizens not for approval rating
09.02.2018 | 10.05 Volodymyr Kistion: A new methodology for calculating port dues rates is to be approved by late April 2018
09.02.2018 | 09.56 Minister of Defence of Ukraine holds talks with Senior Adviser Jill Sinclair
08.02.2018 | 16.27 Head of Government: We engage in examining the situation in the market of petroleum products, those violating market discipline will be severely punished
08.02.2018 | 15.43 PM calls on the leadership of NEURC to review RAB formula for tariffs
08.02.2018 | 15.20 Ministry of Economic Development and Trade offers to direct sum worth UAH 500 million to support enterprises producing road building equipment
08.02.2018 | 15.20 Prime Minister: The changes in the healthcare sector are aimed to improve health of Ukrainian citizens and the quality of medical services
08.02.2018 | 13.53 We are not just delivering reforms, we are building a new country, claims Prime Minister
08.02.2018 | 13.32 Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and HCS, Ministry of Healthcare, World Bank and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada signed the Memorandum on the introduction of telemedicine
08.02.2018 | 11.48 Stepan Poltorak: We do not just speak about our intention to join NATO, we implement our statements in practice
08.02.2018 | 10.03 Permanent Representative of Ukraine clarified compatibility of newly adopted Law on Occupied Areas of Donbas with international commitments of Ukraine
07.02.2018 | 17.11 Cabinet of Ministers created Intellectual Property Council
07.02.2018 | 15.58 Government established Export Credit Agency
07.02.2018 | 12.26 Cabinet of Ministers finalizes the payment of assistance to the families of victims of the Revolution of Dignity
07.02.2018 | 11.52 Government introduces a norm for VAT payment by installment when importing equipment
07.02.2018 | 11.47 Prime Minister: Government approved key support mechanisms for agriculture sector with a total funding of UAH 6 billion
07.02.2018 | 10.31 More than UAH 86 billion will be directed to the development of Ukraine's infrastructure in 2018, claims Volodymyr Omelyan
07.02.2018 | 10.03 Ministry of Finance has corrected the application of the "one-stop" clearance procedure at the customs
07.02.2018 | 09.19 The 148th session of the Working Party on Customs Questions affecting Transport of the Inland Transport Committee of the Economic Commission for Europe takes place in Geneva
06.02.2018 | 17.24 Energy security is a key focus for the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry
06.02.2018 | 15.36 Vice Prime Minister: We have sufficient resources for energy efficiency programs in 2018
06.02.2018 | 14.30 The first meeting of the Steering Committee of the project "Urban Public Transport of Ukraine" was held
06.02.2018 | 14.05 Ministry of Finance of Ukraine announces a competitive selection for the position of independent members of the supervisory board of JSC Ukrgazbank
06.02.2018 | 11.38 SAEE in synergy with experts is drafting the bill on the establishment of a transparent solid biofuel market in Ukraine
06.02.2018 | 09.25 Ukraine and the Federal Republic of Germany continue the successful bilateral cooperation in the sphere of CBRN defense and security
05.02.2018 | 17.27 Hennadii Zubko: We would like to reach the maximum number of united communities before local elections in 2020
05.02.2018 | 15.51 Germany is Ukraine's strategic partner in renewable energy sector
05.02.2018 | 15.02 Gov't found a solution: the process of transfer of land plots to CC has to wind up by end of 2018
05.02.2018 | 11.24 Prime Minister: Parliament's new session is new challenges and opportunities, we have a clear strategy for development of the country
05.02.2018 | 11.15 Government adopts amendments to the Budget Code on mid-term budget planning
05.02.2018 | 11.06 Stepan Poltorak: United States is driving force of changes, reforms, Ukraine's support by international partners, we hope our cooperation will grow in 2018
05.02.2018 | 10.41 Minister of Defence of Ukraine holds talks with Director of Defence Intelligence Agency
05.02.2018 | 10.07 Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin is on a working visit to the Kingdom of the Netherlands
02.02.2018 | 16.58 Olexandr Saienko outlined topmost priorities for the Gov't in 2018
02.02.2018 | 16.07 Head of Government commissioned SFS and AMCU to investigate price formation situation on fuel market
02.02.2018 | 15.35 55th session of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
02.02.2018 | 13.44 Prime Minister: The elaboration of mechanism for installments to refund the VAT payments when importing equipment sees its final stage, we ensure industrial upgrading
02.02.2018 | 12.33 Volodymyr Groysman assures the year of 2018 be the time for further economy upturn, industry development and citizens' incomes growth
02.02.2018 | 11.50 Ukraine and Canada consider future cooperation in the implementation of renewable energy projects
02.02.2018 | 09.52 Political consultations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Kuwait
01.02.2018 | 18.42 We lay the foundations for 5% economic growth, there are ample opportunities for achieving this target, claims Prime Minister
01.02.2018 | 16.44 Decentralization reform is one of the most successful reforms in country, says Georg Milbradt
01.02.2018 | 15.06 Hennadii Zubko and Maryna Poroshenko held training on the establishment of inclusive resource centers in amalgamated communities
01.02.2018 | 14.37 Funding problems of the homeowners associations have been solved, claims Ministry of Finance
01.02.2018 | 14.09 Ukraine became a PEM Convention member
01.02.2018 | 11.11 Experts from Czech Republic and Slovakia to be engaged in implementation of the Law on the Electricity Market
01.02.2018 | 10.50 Ukraine and Italy prepare the introduction of high-speed railroads in Ukraine
01.02.2018 | 10.02 Global Capital: last years return of Ukraine to the international capital market is the best transaction of 2017 in the region Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa
01.02.2018 | 09.07 Stepan Poltorak: Coordinated cooperation between members of parliament and defence ministry contributes to successful legislative activity