Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with delegation of American Jewish Committee
08.09.2014 | 14:43
Department of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the CMU

On Monday, September 8, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with a delegation from the American Jewish Committee, led by its Executive Director David Harris.

The parties discussed the situation in Ukraine and in the world as a result of the military aggression by the Russian Federation, as well as the role of international and national NGOs in the mobilization of world public opinion against military intervention on the part of the Kremlin.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine and the AJC members came to full consensus in the assessment of the situation and concerning the need to stir up efforts by the international community in the fight against military threats.

David Harris accentuated that Ukraine badly needs the Second Front – a global solidarity front of progressive mankind and the Ukrainian society, that defends their freedom and independence. Moreover, he highly evaluated the endeavours of the Government of Ukraine directed to combating all kinds of xenophobia, race discrimination and anti-Semitism.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed that, despite the numerous provocations, the attempts to sow enmity and hatred on ethnic grounds and to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of global population had undergone a complete failure. The Prime Minister of Ukraine also noted that any inspired from outside attempts to destabilize interethnic peace in Ukraine will never be perceived by Ukrainians and be met with a stern response.


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