Hanna Onyshchenko: Within nearest time we should switch to EDMS within the state authorities
24.03.2015 | 17:23
Press service of Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers

In the near future we should switch to an electronic document management system (EDMS) to ensure the needs of government authorities. Today, March 24, Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Hanna Onyshchenko announced during a briefing devoted to 100 days in office.

According to the Minister, the introduction of EDMS is underway along the two directions: the first - in the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers in test mode since February this year, in March there has been launched a complete cycle of electronic document circulation with use of digital signature (preliminary consideration, registration, processing by administrative staff and specialists, tracking, approving, signing). The second direction is electronic document circulation among the public authorities. According to Hanna Onyshchenko, certain technical problems exist, but they are settled in operational working mode.

Moreover, during the briefing the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers spoke about the activities in the area of European integration.

“There has been set up a Governmental Office for European Integration within the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers which throughout a half-year of work demonstrated an absolute efficiency. Recently, the Office has published its first report on the implementation of the Association Agreement. Basing on the Report the Parliamentary Committee of the Association and the Group of friends of Ukraine of the European Parliament noted Ukraine's progress in implementation of the Agreement and pursuing the reforms," the Minister said.

Besides, Hanna Onyshchenko informed that the Government adopts a kind of roadmaps for the implementation of each particular European directive under the Association Agreement - the so-called plans of implementation of the EU laws. As of today, over 60 implementation plans in compliance with 70 EU legislation acts have been approved.  

Another important direction of activities is upgrading the public service. According to the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers, the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service together with the Government has drafted a new version of the Law of Ukraine "On the Civil Service".

"To be brief about the Law - it changes the entire "philosophy" of the civil service and harmonizes primarily with European values. The draft law was discussed among the public and a wide range of international experts. As a result, in my opinion, we have developed a decent document, which we hope will be supported by the Parliament", said Hanna Onyshchenko.


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