Arseniy Yatsenyuk: The entire European coalition should demonstrate factual unity. Whoever is not willing to take responsibility - just leave
18.05.2015 | 17:30

"It is crucial for the coalition to be effective instead of being formalistic. Whoever doesn't want to work in the European coalition just leave. I have assumed responsibility and I will be answerable for it. This is what needs to be done for the country today," stressed Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk during the presentation of the Plan of legislative support of reforms at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Monday, May 18.

He recalled that the necessary reforms for the country had been described in the coalition agreement, the Programme of Action of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, approved by the Parliament of Ukraine, and the Strategy of the President "Ukraine-2020".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk evaluated as absolutely correct and timely the initiated Plan of legislative support of reforms: "This act, which is to be approved by the Ukrainian Parliament, is a clear roadmap for the supreme legislative body of the country."

"Until the end of the term of this Parliament at least 500 acts of legislation ought to be approved - the laws aimed at upgrading the country and bringing Ukraine closer to the European Union", he stressed.

These bills, according to the Head of the Government, will be elaborated by the Verkhovna Rada committees together with the Government of Ukraine: "I am convinced that the joint product will be adopted by Parliament".

At this the Prime Minister emphasized to ensure approval of appropriate laws for the country it is necessary first of all, the coalition unity".

He reminded that a few months before first in the history of Ukraine constitutional coalition advocating the European choice of the country, which actually enumerates over 300 MPs of Ukraine: "It is crucial for the coalition to be effective instead of being formalistic".

"If certain political forces in the coalition are now playing the role and taking the place of opposition, they should leave the coalition. And to announce honestly to the whole country "We are not interested in the fate of the country, we were walking with a single slogan, but due to the fact that an election campaign to the local authorities has began, we are interested in populism and rankings. And everything we had promised before the elections is far from truth. We are populists, like our predecessors. We are liars, like those political forces that were in previous parliaments. We don't want to take responsibility but want to find those guilty. Instead of saying what must be done and bear this heavy burden together," he urged.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasized that now "everything concerns political responsibility to the country for what we promised during the election:" We promised hard work and difficult reforms. We promised to lay the basis for the country's future, to assume political responsibility and to relinquish the political rankings today to change our future. For our country to approach the level of member countries of the European Union".

The Head of Government stressed the need for the coalition to gather for a serious and frank discussion": "Whoever doesnt want to work in the European coalition just leave. Whoever doesnt assume responsibility just announce it. In principle, youve already done that. And whoever is ready to shift responsibility to the Government I have assumed this responsibility and I will be answerable for that. The country has no other way out. This is what needs to be done for the country today. We will leave it to the history to judge and assess fairly and objectively".


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