Arseniy Yatsenyuk says funds from gambling legalization to finance Ukrainian cinema
26.06.2015 | 16:45
Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk proposes to adopt a bill on the legalization of gambling in the Parliament. Funds received will be used to finance cultural projects, including the Ukrainian cinema. The Head of Government said this at a meeting of the Culture Ministry Board of Ukraine on Friday, June 26.

Today, Arseniy Yatsenyuk has emphasized, Ukraine spends billions on defense and national security: "If anyone thinks that we are given loans to fill tanks and finance Ukrainian soldiers – you are wrong. We have no right to spend a penny from this loan on the national economy, everything goes to repay foreign debt, which we did not contracted."

In order to get additional income and finance culture, Arseniy Yatsenyuk has proposed to approve a bill aimed at withdrawal from the shadows and legalizing gambling. The Prime Minister has informed that today he held a meeting on the issue with MPs, including those who criticize this initiative: "It is important to pull it out of the shadow business - there are not dozens, but hundreds of millions who now disagree on the pockets. I do not promise that everything will be spent on culture, but a significant part will go to finance cultural projects, including the Ukrainian cinema."

Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes that the legalization of gambling can provide the budget with funds for Ukrainian cinema in Q4 of this year, as well as financing for 2016.

He proposed to create a public-private partnership to finance patriotic films: "Our offer - 50 to 50. We give half and the other half – TV channels. For example, for Ukrainian patriotic short films."

He highlighted the importance of the domestic film industry’s development, as the war, waged by Russia, "involves the worst tools – a lie, myths and Goebbels’ propaganda, in which Russia is the leader from the times of the USSR’s KGB."

"This is not the war between the armies. This is the war of one world against another, darkness against light. It is the war between the past with the future. And in this war Vladimir Putin uses all the means: language, culture, history and values. And so now we are fighting for the survival of the civilized free world, the true European values,​​" Arseniy Yatsenyuk said.


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