Valerii Voshchevskii: Reforming the management structure of the exclusion zone is underway
30.07.2015 | 15:37

In order to execute a commission of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Valerii Voshchevskii a working group was set up to ensure reorganization of the exclusion zone management structure.

The working group comprises leading experts dealing with the problems of elimination of consequences of the Chernobyl disaster and the issues of radioactive waste management, spent nuclear fuel.

Today, a first meeting of the workings group is scheduled with Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Valerii Voshchevskii as a chair.

"The working group has a task: to develop main directions of the reform and to elaborate a strategy to implement it. By upgrading the management of the exclusion zone we will be capable to minimize the risks and threats connected with the Chernobyl disaster, and also to attract investment into the national economy", said Valerii Voshchevskii.

As was reported earlier, the Ukrainian delegation led by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Valerii Voshchevskii for the Assembly of Chornobyl Shelter Fund donor countries in London agreed to continue financing of the New Safe Confinement at the Chernobyl NPP with the donors.

In particular, all the donor countries reaffirmed their readiness to make additional contributions this project to be completed in November of 2017.

It should be noted, the Government of Ukraine adopted a decision to hold a major international conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl tragedy in 2016.


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