Arseniy Yatsenyuk bestows prizes of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to Ukrainian youth
18.08.2015 | 16:03
Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk awarded young Ukrainian citizens who had made special contributions in the development of the state prizes of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The ceremony took place on Tuesday, August 18, at the Champions Hall of NSC Olimpiyskiy.

"Someone has written a scientific work, someone has made high achievement in sports. Here are present a Maidans hero, and heroes of the anti-terror operation. Everyone who's participating in the awarding ceremony just deserves it [the prize ed.]," stressed Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Among the 60 CMU prize winners for the special achievements of youth in the rebuilding of Ukraine in the nomination "For personal courage" there was a guy from a large family who was defending his position in Maidan events.

Another award "For personal courage" was bestowed to an ATO hero Volodymyr Mulyar. A BMP in which Volodymyr had been with his crew was destroyed in shelling by separatists. Three of his crewmates died. During the battle he took the wounded commander of his subdivision away from the burning vehicle into a safe place and administered first aid, thus saving his life.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed that it depends on each Ukrainian citizen how we can change the country: "And if anyone thinks that changes in the country are carried out only owing to the Government, the President, the MPs, he is mistaken. Changes in the country occur due to people like you. The role of each individual in the fate of the country and in the history determines the future of the country, the nation and the state in general."

"If every citizen of the country, I reiterate, everyone who wants changes in the country, who wants Ukraine not just to be called a European state, but to ensure the lifestyle of Ukrainians meet such high standards, to have work, salary, to eradicate corruption, to have a really successful country, if everyone says to himself: a lot depends on me, I can change this country, but I will start to change myself, my working place, my family, my home, my attitude to family, friends, my attitude to our country as a whole, then changes are inevitable", urged the Prime Minister.

The Head of Government noted that Ukraine faces hard challenges, the entire world and Europe have not seen in the last few decades. "This is not a new test for Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens. And every time we managed to overcome the challenges and to be the winner. And this time we will succeed. Those who fought against Ukraine and Ukrainians were defeated. But Ukraine is alive, Ukrainians are fighting. And these Ukrainians are everyone of you.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk thanked the Ukrainian youth: "On behalf of the Government I express sincere gratitude for your battle, your achievements and your being men of dignity. You have honestly deserved much more from the Ukrainian state than will be awarded today. But this is not our last meeting. We have a lot of work to do, and you will demonstrate much more achievements. Glory to Ukraine!"


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