Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk
31.08.2015 | 18:37

First of all, I would like to express condolences to the family of Ihor Debrin, who was killed by mobs, I emphasize – by mobs – in clashes near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

All the wounded will receive both moneyed and medical assistance: all our soldiers, all law enforcement officers, the National Guard officers and persons who have suffered as a result of a crime committed by certain political forces.

These political forces haven’t come to defend the Constitution, but to rape the Constitution and Ukraine. And, actually, they are worse than Russian gangsters and terrorists in the East. Those don't hide that they are at war with Ukraine. However, these hiding behind the slogans of patriotism and love for Ukraine are destroying Ukrainian statehood.

The recent crime committed under the flags of different political forces, including under the flags of the Freedom political party must be investigated and punished.

As a citizen of Ukraine, I demand, under Article 348 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, a life sentence for the person who threw the grenade, resulting in the death of an enlisted member of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Also I appeal to all political forces, I emphasize, to each of them and, in particular, to the political forces in the coalition, with a demand to publicly condemn this crime, those politicians and the political forces who have caused the destabilization of the country, an insult to the Ukrainian Constitution, the murder of a young man and the injury of dozens of Ukrainian soldiers.

The cynicism of this crime is also in the fact that when the Russian Federation and its thugs are trying to destroy the Ukrainian state and they fail to do that at the front in the East, the so-called pro-Ukrainian political forces are trying to open another front inside the country.

We are united inside our democratic coalition, we are united with the President, the Government and all responsible citizens of the country in our efforts to prevent the victory at both first and second fronts. The only victory proves possible at our front – preserving Ukrainian statehood, fighting against Russian terrorism and introducing changes in the country.

The organizers, instigators and perpetrators of this crime shall be held answerable.

Now we are to have a meeting with the President of Ukraine and, I believe, there must be established a joint investigative team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, which should bring to justice everyone responsible for this crime and to do everything to prevent such a situation in the future: when a person thinking about how to undermine the foundations of national statehood and reputation of Ukraine in the world would be aware he would be punished.


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