Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Riga: Nord Stream 2 has nothing to do with economy, it targets politics
05.11.2015 | 23:01

If Russia and some western companies build Nord stream-2 pipeline, it will deprive Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland of revenues and eliminate the EU's energy independence, stressed Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk following  the meeting with heads of government of the Baltic States in the framework of his working visit to Riga on Thursday, November 5.

He noted that an energy issue had been discussed at the meeting of the prime ministers and expressed gratitude for their rigid stance on this.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine aired deep concern about an idea of building Nord stream-2. He accentuated that if Russia and some western companies built Nord stream-2, it would deprive Ukraine of 2 billion dollars in profits, Slovakia – 0.8 billion dollars, Poland – 0.4 billion dollars: "Whereas, this will destroy the EU's real energy independence."

The Head of Government appealed to the European Commission and Heads of Governments of the Baltic countries "to comprehend the seriousness of this situation".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk highlighted that the project should meet the criteria of the Third energy package: "We, as the state of Ukraine, are convinced that this project has nothing to do with economic issues, it targets only politics."


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