Arseniy Yatsenyuk: We have no right to halt the reforms. Demonstrate action either by a realistic alternative programme and a new effective team or by supporting the programme of action
28.02.2016 | 18:53

“We have no right to halt the reforms and to engage in internal rivalries,” the Prime Minister of Ukraine ArseniyYatsenyukstressed in 10 Minutes with the Prime Minister programme on Sunday, February 28.

“I appeal to the President and all national political forces. Demonstrate action, either by addressing society with a realistic alternative programme and an effective team capable of translating it into tangible policy… a programme, instead of the slogans. Or by ending this damaging struggle, subduing emotions and internal feelings and supporting the action plan necessary for the country in the current year,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

Arseniy Yatsenyuksaid: “Over a year, the Government has been working in a tough, often hostile environment. My colleagues were a daily target for lies, defamation and accusations”.

“We hoped that the facts of our success would outweigh the virtuality of the lies. Our internal enemies are no different from our external enemy, working to prevent change through: populism, ignorance, an attempt to take revenge for old schemes and influences,” the Prime Minister stressed.

“The reform process is also being hampered by contradictions in the Constitution. The fear of losing rank makes weak those who should have demonstrated leadership,” he said.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk accentuated that the attempts to impose individual will on the Government finally made the Cabinet publicly proclaim the principles that are now “our red line”: “We will not tolerate any unconstitutional interference in the work of the Government, any pressure to resume corrupt practices or any delays to the reform process”.

The Head of the Government reminded that the Cabinet of Ministers presented a formal report on its activity -“step by step, of what we intend to do in 2016”: “But in response, we have not heard a single word concerning the essence of reform. In response we heard hatred, rage and manipulation of people’s feelings”.

“In the political hysteria, I see only the lack of concern for Ukraine. I see here the singular aim… to seize power. To achieve this by dismissing the Government through a temporary paralysis of the Central Executive Branch and by forcing the President to call for pre-term parliamentary elections, the result of which is quite predictable – they will end in our ruin,” the PM stressed.

He said he appealed to Parliament with a question to consider the issue of the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This decision was not supported by the majority of members of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada: “Therefrom, the Government is absolutely legitimate and will continue its activity. But political uncertainty remains and we must put an end to it”.

“The responsibility for this should be placed on all in authority – the President and his faction, other political forces, which had formed the European Ukraine coalition including the People's Front, the Motherland, the Self-Reliance and the Oleh Lyashko Radical Party, all of whom signed the coalition agreement and approved the Action Programme for the Cabinet of Ministers. The Programme, we as the coalition Government have implemented and continue to implement,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk accentuated.

“Responsibility must be real but not imaginary. The People’s Front and I feel our responsibility for the country every day,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

“Our Government has developed an action plan for this year. But it's not just the Government's action plan – it is the agenda for future development of the country, a country that has demanded that we should become a truly European State. There is no time for delay. There is only time for action. The Government has demonstrated action and is resolute to continue the fight,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk said.

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