In 2016 to compensate for 'warm' loans the Government has allocated threefold amount of funds against 2015
22.03.2016 | 18:04

In 2016, to compensate for warm loans the Government of Ukraine has allotted about UAH 900 million which is almost three times more than last year.

"This program is a real tool for saving on utilities. This year the Government allocated about UAH 900 million to reimburse for warm loans, which exceeds almost three times the amount allocated last year. Hence, more citizens will benefit from the state support", commented the Head of the SAEE Serhii Savchuk.

A loan facility under the state support program for the population, condominiums and housing associations aimed to ensure the implementation of energy efficiency measures, boiler replacement has been fully resumed by the UrkGazBank.

Last week for the purchase of materials and equipment the UrkGazBank issued warm credits to the tune of UAH 3.2 million.

The insulation of homes has become popular among those who were granted subsidy, as they took 112 loans totaling UAH 1.7 million. To replace gas boilers, citizens have taken 6 credits worth UAH 89 thousand, to purchase energy efficient equipment and materials - 178 loans worth UAH 3.16 million.

The state program envisages compensation in the following amounts: 20% of the loan a mechanism of replacement of gas boilers for the population; 30% of the loan - for physical persons to implement energy efficiency measures; 40% - for condominiums and housing cooperatives, as legal entities to be spent for communal activities; 70% - to the recipients of subsidies for payment for housing and communal services.


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