MIP: The installation of the new tower in Pokrovsk will partly solve the problems with the Ukrainian broadcasting in Donetsk region
04.08.2016 | 16:06

The monitoring mission of the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine made a visit to Zhelanniv village council of Yasynuvata district of Donetsk region, where an analysis of the information space was conducted. Chairman of the village council Vira Cheremisova noted that the village has a digital television "T2", which includes more than 60 channels: half of them are Ukrainian, another part - the separatists' TV. "T2" simultaneously accepts the signal from the Ukrainian transmitter in Pokrovsk, and from the occupied Donetsk.

"Local residents have access to Ukrainian TV channels via on-air broadcasting, but in small numbers, including "1+1" and "DoTebe". The distance to the occupied TV tower is short, so the Pro-Russian TV, of course, is received better  here, says Cheremisova. People start using "T2" and the satellite antennas due to weak Ukrainian signal, but not all can afford it. Only 40% of the population have satellite television. We are all waiting for intensification of essential signal and activation of intelligence services work on jamming the channels of the enemy".

Oleksandr Brygynets, Advisor to the Minister on broadcasting renewal in ATO zone (MP of Ukraine) notes, that detected problem can be solved by the construction of a new TV tower in Pokrovsk. "This issue has long been initiated by MIP, and supported by the Cabinet of Ministers, but funding is still not found. I, as an MP, has already repeatedly addressed with requests to expedite funding, but so far no positive results achieved", said Oleksandr Brygynets.

Note that the Commission on ensuring stable operation of national television and radio broadcasting under MIP has initiated the construction of three TV towers in ATO zone. One of which is under construction on the Karachun mountain, the second will be provided by the partners and installed in Luhansk region, and the third is planned to be constructed in Pokrovsk of Donetsk region. This will not only provide access to a full Ukrainian broadcasting in the liberated territories but also will spread the signal to the occupied territories.


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