Minister of Defence of Ukraine holds talks with Chief of General Staff of the Portuguese Armed Forces
18.01.2017 | 11:02

On January 16, Minister of Defence of Ukraine General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak held talks with Chief of General Staff of the Portuguese Armed Forces General Artur Neves Pina Monteiro. The parties discussed development of bilateral cooperation at the level of General Staffs of both countries.

Our ministries cooperate in the framework of NATO-led events but I want to enhance our bilateral cooperation. Participation in exercises, training, and experience sharing could be very efficient. Its important to share experience at the level of General Staffs as our soldiers got a particular experience and knowledge during the operation in the east of Ukraine. Were open for our friends, we have no secrets. Portugal is our friend and were ready to share this experience. We have what to teach each other, and the forms of our cooperation can vary, General Poltorak said.

Chief of General Staff of the Portuguese Armed Forces shared up the proposal to develop practical bilateral cooperation and underscored the importance of sharing new knowledge in the context of current hybrid threats and challenges.

I share up the necessity to improve the level of military awareness of fighting hybrid strategies and challenges. We are ready to launch cooperation in sharing medical approaches as to treatment and rehabilitation of the Ukrainian wounded military, General Monteiro said.


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