Government's draft law on the pension reform doesn't envisage a raise of the retirement age, Prime Minister said addressing MPs
07.04.2017 | 10:45

The provisions of the Governments bill on the pension reform, which will be introduced shortly, do not stipulate a raise of the retirement age, instead envisaging the development of a fair pension system, which will allow to increase retirement payments and to reduce the deficit of the Pension Fund. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during A Question Time for the Government at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Lets stop to intimidate the citizens, it is better to call things by their proper names. The pension system is totally unfair. It is crucial to increase welfare of our retirees. We are committed to change this system, it should be based in a fairness principle, stressed the Head of Government.

The Prime Minister accentuated that it is necessary to pay attention to the seniority of a person.Next step - the attention should be paid to the deficit of the Pension fund which today exceeds UAH 140 billion. This system which is half subsidized for today - is not viable, noted Volodymyr Groysman.-And third, after the Government will submit (to the Parliament) the draft law on the pension reform, which is not envisaging the increase of the retirement age, the Government will recalculate pensions, and we will be able to increase the pensions to Ukrainian citizens starting 1 October.

In this context, the Head of Government urged all MPS to support propositions offered by the Government on pension reform-regardless of political flags". "We need to take one flag-the state flag-and adopt the decision. Let us cease the attempts to intimidate the citizens, and it is better to speak about what exactly we will do, and how it will affect people's lives," underlined Volodymyr Groysman.

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