Prime Minister announced another wave of road system audit and commissioned to summon dedicated meeting to tackle poor performance of roadwork in 5 regions
30.05.2017 | 13:26

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced in early June there would be conducted another wave of auditing of road facilities and the state of road surface throughout the country, and gave a commission to hold a special meeting with participation of members of the Government, leadership of the Ukravtodor State Agency of Motor Roads and heads of regions to discuss the process of implementation of road repair activities in 5 regions where compliance of performance indicators with the schedule remain a cause for concern. The Head of Government said during a visit to Lviv region, where he got familiarized with the construction activities on the section of the road H-02 Lviv - Ternopil.

“The activities have commenced in each region. But, at the moment, what worries me is work in 5 areas. These include Luhansk, Zaporizhia regions, Transcarpathia, the city of Kyiv and Mykolaiv region. I commissioned the line Vice Prime Minister and head of the Ukravtodor this week to gather heads of regions to see what is the problem and to help them start the repair work", said the Prime Minister.

He stressed that the issue of overhaul and construction of roads is an important priority. "We launched work on time and by late May there are facilities that have been put in exploitation. Roads de facto are in poor condition, but at such pace we have picked up we will put things in order within 5 years. For the second consecutive year we have been proving it is possible to improve the situation on Ukrainian roads. We have learnt to accumulate funding. Now what is vital – the control of quality. And a new quality service in the Ukravtodor – it is a new approach. Everything that was done last year undergoes auditing", emphasized Volodymyr Groysman.

The Prime Minister added that those companies that had been proved to perform low quality activities were obliged to eliminate deficiencies. "In the first half of June there will be another verification of quality of roads. We will draw conclusions. If someone fails to understand, we will talk about damages to the country, we’ll require initiating proceedings and real actions of law enforcement agencies", urged Volodymyr Groysman.


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