Decentralization requires change of mindsets and approaches to the formation of regional development strategies, says Prime Minister
05.04.2018 | 14:13

The initiated decentralization reform requires a shift in thinking and approaches to the formation of regional development strategies when there is understanding of the fact that the community strengthens rather than of how to use the transferred resource. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said in his address to the participants of the extended Government meeting "Decentralization and Regional Development" in Vinnytsia.

The PM accentuated that before official Kyiv had had all financial resources and powers. The communities had null of those. And each particular minister decided on which subvention to give, which project to support. All those deprived of responsibility, and at the same time led to the situation when today the communities are asking to "give", but refuse to make decisions.

"Such a system is unacceptable", urged Volodymyr Groysman, "There is money, and there are tools for earning and multiplying it. This is a vital change! It is crucial for you (regions) to scale up. We need change of mindsets and approaches."

The Prime Minister noted, however, that the reform must be aimed at the only thing - the building of strong communities.

"It can’t be right that we build a modern car, and you bolt wooden wheels to it. We must build a single pattern", the Head of Government added. "When we talk about development, we imply the quality of life, instead of mere consumption".

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