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12.09.2015 | 18:19
Arseniy Yatsenuyk says Putin trapped himself - he is politically dead either in Russia or in the world
11.09.2015 | 19:03
Government of Ukraine continues upgrading state services: more citizens to obtain the right to get free legal assistance
11.09.2015 | 16:54
Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Johannes Hahn
11.09.2015 | 16:25
EU to grant € 90 million to support decentralization projects in Ukraine
10.09.2015 | 17:47
PM met with his Slovak counterpart Robert Fico in Bratislava
10.09.2015 | 17:09
Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Slovakia argue against Nord Stream-2 project
09.09.2015 | 22:14
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Ukraine welcomes an intention of Poland to actively engage in the settlement of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict
09.09.2015 | 18:11
Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Warsaw: Ukraine wants to become part of the gas energy hub with its European partners
09.09.2015 | 17:07
Poland to grant EUR 100 million to Ukraine for the construction of border infrastructure and checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Polish frontier
09.09.2015 | 15:46
Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Warsaw: We need more of Poland in the Ukrainian issue
09.09.2015 | 14:50
Ukraine has accepted the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court over crimes against humanity and war crimes
09.09.2015 | 13:11
A meeting of Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Prime Minister of Poland Ewa Kopacz underway in Warsaw
08.09.2015 | 17:53
Prime Minister: Gov't reasoned a lot from past experience starting 2005
08.09.2015 | 10:32
Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with Frank Brenner, Director General of Eurocontrol
07.09.2015 | 17:37
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: We have acquitted all current debts and debarred the country's default
07.09.2015 | 09:25
Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a meeting with Christine Lagarde: The future of the country is in question. With joining efforts we will be able to make Ukraine a prosperous and powerful country in the EU
04.09.2015 | 19:31
Arseniy Yatsenyuk to the RSA heads: If you have any questions, just lift the handset and talk to Prime Minister
04.09.2015 | 18:28
Arseniy Yatsenyuk meets with Secretary of State at the Polish President's Chancellery Krzysztof Szczerski
04.09.2015 | 17:04
Arseniy Yatsenyuk expects report of the EU mission on free visa regime in December to be positive
03.09.2015 | 17:50
Defense Ministry of Ukraine triggers SAP application to enable corruption in immovable property management sector
02.09.2015 | 17:58
Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk receives U.S. Senator Jack Reed
02.09.2015 | 16:54
Arseniy Yatsenyuk appealed to the Parliament to adopt laws necessary to introduce free visa regime with the EU
02.09.2015 | 15:47
Prime Minister: Government issues directive to establish National Police authority
02.09.2015 | 15:00
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Organizers, instigators and perpetrators of the act of violence and anti-Ukrainian provocation near the VR shall be prosecuted
01.09.2015 | 12:42
Arseniy Yatsenyuk to the cadets of the Military Academy: Due to your service Ukrainian parents can take their children to school
31.08.2015 | 18:37
Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk
31.08.2015 | 17:54
Government of Ukraine managed to stabilize economy and receive non-monetary sources to accelerate growth of social benefits
28.08.2015 | 18:06
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Until Ukraine joins NATO de jure it should join the Alliance de facto - the Ukrainian Armed Forces should comply with standards of the Alliance
28.08.2015 | 14:56
PM: Agenda of the EU and G7 states should contain tougher sanctions against Russia
28.08.2015 | 13:47
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: A FTA between Ukraine and the EU will enter in force under all cicrumctances from January 1 the following year