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09.04.2015 | 12:05
Ukrainians can apply for compensation and loans for energy efficiency measures to three banks
09.04.2015 | 10:11
Gov't appointed Ukraine's Trade Representative
08.04.2015 | 18:32
Gov't continues to simplify business environment in Ukraine by establishing transparent e-services
08.04.2015 | 17:00
PM on e-services of Justice Ministry: Now every citizen can get all information online about all business entities
06.04.2015 | 15:05
Arseniy Yatsenyuk supports complete abolition of parliamentary and judge immunity
04.04.2015 | 17:18
PM says 63 MIA investigators probing high-profile corruption crimes to get UAH30.000
04.04.2015 | 11:09
PM: Gov't proposes to Parliament to set bail for corrupt officials tenfold the amount of damage caused to state
02.04.2015 | 17:21
Andrii Pyvovarsky: Local authorities will be responsible for local roads
02.04.2015 | 17:10
Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Berlin: International conference to support Ukraine due on April 28
01.04.2015 | 17:39
Government of Germany to provide EUR 500 million loan to rehabilitate infrastructure of eastern Ukraine
27.03.2015 | 15:07
PM: To reveal corruption cases the Government will interact with the European and Amercian partners
26.03.2015 | 18:11
Kostyantyn Vashchenko: The civil service reform is assigned to set clear limits to political and administrative posts
24.03.2015 | 17:23
Hanna Onyshchenko: Within nearest time we should switch to EDMS within the state authorities
24.03.2015 | 15:00
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: After the first stage of budget decentralization revenues of local budgets grew by one quarter
24.03.2015 | 14:23
PM: The will of the people through a referendum must determine a new Ukrainian Constitution
19.03.2015 | 16:00
In Brussels Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker
18.03.2015 | 17:36
Arseniy Yatsenyuk appealed to the Parliament to adopt government bills to facilitate doing business and improve the investment climate in Ukraine
17.03.2015 | 15:48
Danylo Lubkivsky about the result of the Government's 100 days in office: Government is determined to embark on further radical changes
12.03.2015 | 13:59
PM believes within three months all laws allowing for Ukraine to improve in the Doing Business ranking to be adopted
12.03.2015 | 10:14
Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk concerning the decision of the IMF Board of Directors to approve the financial support program for Ukraine
11.03.2015 | 18:04
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: I want to ask for patience, understanding and unity
06.03.2015 | 09:22
Hennadii Zubko: Joint work organized. The Ministry of Regional Development and the relevant Parliament's Committee established a joint legislative group
04.03.2015 | 15:48
Arseniy Yatsenyuk commissions Gov't members to report each month regarding the implementation of the plan of the Cabinet of Ministers
28.02.2015 | 15:23
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Government will hold final negotiations with parliamentary committees to facilitate fast approval of laws necessary to pursue reforms and to prolong cooperation with IMF
27.02.2015 | 09:47
PM after meeting with Coalition Council: the sooner we approve relevant bills, the sooner we stabilize the economic situation
25.02.2015 | 10:36
Pavlo Rozenko met with Geoffrey R. Pyatt
24.02.2015 | 17:58
Aivaras Abromavicius met with Ambassador of the Netherlands Rene Klompenhouwer
24.02.2015 | 14:59
Viacheslav Kyrylenko met with Marshal of Sejm Radoslaw Sikorski
24.02.2015 | 12:21
Ukraine and Japan to cooperate in the field of energy efficiency
23.02.2015 | 15:12
Ukraine needs commodity exchanges that operate transparently within market rules