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Energy security
10.04.2018 | 14:11
Hennadii Zubko: Germany is ready to provide additional 10 million euros for Energy Efficiency Fund projects and 4 million euros for energy auditors training
09.04.2018 | 10:50
We are working out a formula for fair gas price for future periods, claims Prime Minister
06.04.2018 | 12:27
Annual growth in gas production of no less than 1 billion cubic meters to guarantee independence from fuel imports, claims Volodymyr Groysman
04.04.2018 | 09:15
Over 60 domestic "green" projects worth EUR 1.7 billion look for investors on UAMAP
30.03.2018 | 09:39
SAEE presented promising areas of cooperation in the field of energy efficiency to the U.S. Embassy
23.03.2018 | 10:31
Hennadii Zubko: Road map for energy efficiency cooperation with IMF is a key priority for Ukraine
22.03.2018 | 14:47
Volodymyr Kistion: Gov't searches a reliable partner for PJSC MHU capable of loading the Ukrainian GTS to the maximum after 2019
18.03.2018 | 10:00
Prime Minister: Russia will be forced to comply with all court decisions on gas contracts
15.03.2018 | 14:32
Volodymyr Kistion: Prior consultations with potential international partners of PJSC MHU allow to form terms of the competition by taking into account the real needs of the market
14.03.2018 | 14:53
Energy efficiency programs allow to improve the quality of services while reducing consumption, says PM
14.03.2018 | 10:35
Volodymyr Kistion met with newly formed Supervisory Board of new independent operator of the gas transmission system
02.03.2018 | 19:04
Prime Minister: Nothing endangers gas supply to Ukraine, from tomorrow we will purchase gas from the European market
02.03.2018 | 15:06
Hennadii Zubko: Energy savings and energy efficiency should become a tendency for Ukraine
02.03.2018 | 11:52
Prime Minister: Gazprom has resorted to blackmail against Ukraine and Europe
01.03.2018 | 13:13
We strive to create a full-fledged gas market inside the country, claims Prime Minister
28.02.2018 | 12:07
Ukraine moves towards achieving energy efficiency and complete reliability on domestic energy production, claims Volodymyr Groysman
27.02.2018 | 17:19
Volodymyr Kistion: Government of Ukraine is committed to pursuing reforms in energy sector
26.02.2018 | 10:03
February 24, 2018, Ukraine became a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
23.02.2018 | 16:49
Volodymyr Kistion: First interviews with potential partners of the gas transmission system of Ukraine were held
16.02.2018 | 11:57
Volodymyr Kistion: The situation concerning wage arrears for miners in unacceptable for the Government
12.02.2018 | 11:43
Italian energy company considers a possibility of installation of wind farms in Ukraine
09.02.2018 | 16:31
Volodymyr Kistion: We are planning to hold first interviews with potential partners of Mahistralni Hazoprovody Ukrainy PJSC February 21-22
08.02.2018 | 15:43
PM calls on the leadership of NEURC to review RAB formula for tariffs
06.02.2018 | 17:24
Energy security is a key focus for the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry
06.02.2018 | 15:36
Vice Prime Minister: We have sufficient resources for energy efficiency programs in 2018
05.02.2018 | 15:51
Germany is Ukraine's strategic partner in renewable energy sector
02.02.2018 | 16:07
Head of Government commissioned SFS and AMCU to investigate price formation situation on fuel market
02.02.2018 | 11:50
Ukraine and Canada consider future cooperation in the implementation of renewable energy projects
01.02.2018 | 11:11
Experts from Czech Republic and Slovakia to be engaged in implementation of the Law on the Electricity Market
30.01.2018 | 14:36
Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry completed the elaboration of a draft Action Plan for the Implementation of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2020