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Energy security
23.12.2015 | 16:16
Volodymyr Demchyshyn took part in the inauguration of Turkmenistan's East-West gas pipeline
15.12.2015 | 17:32
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: LNG terminal in Poland can significantly enhance the energy independence of Ukraine
14.12.2015 | 11:23
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: The state has reduced gas consumption by 25% - it means economy cut worth US$ 11 million daily
07.12.2015 | 14:31
Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Brussels: Nord Stream-2 should be stopped
02.12.2015 | 10:48
Ukraine invites Sweden to join establishment of Energy Efficiency Fund
24.11.2015 | 19:11
Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine: Energy efficiency market in Ukraine is estimated at EUR55 billion and possesses significant investment potential
20.11.2015 | 11:05
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Within a decade we will be able to abandon the purchase of Russian natural gas
19.11.2015 | 16:56
Volodymyr Demchyshyn: New gas and power market opens additional opportunities for European countries and for European security
11.11.2015 | 17:48
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Gas consumption in Ukraine cut by 19%
10.11.2015 | 18:12
Arseniy Yatsenyuk to the Parliament: Reduction of rents for Ukrgazvydobuvannia would mean the elimination of social norms and the actual increase of tariffs
05.11.2015 | 23:01
Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Riga: Nord Stream 2 has nothing to do with economy, it targets politics
03.11.2015 | 16:12
Hennadii Zubko: Energy efficiency should become a growing point of Ukraine's economy
03.11.2015 | 15:32
Volodymyr Demchyshyn and U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Security and Energy Restoration William Bryan discussed implementation of the Action Plan for 2015-2016
30.10.2015 | 14:32
Government of Ukraine render a number of decisions aimed at simplifying the assigning of subsidies, transparency and flexibility in fixing tariffs
15.10.2015 | 17:17
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Nowadays the topmost task is to provide citizens with subsidies and to prevent emerging new gas tycoons
15.10.2015 | 16:03
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: The needed volume of accumulated coal and gas for winter should be calculated considering the worst-case scenario
30.09.2015 | 15:22
Arseniy Yatsenyuk awaits a positive decision by EBRD on granting US$300 million to Ukraine to purchase gas on the western border
15.09.2015 | 10:43
Volodymyr Demchyshyn in Vienna stressed Ukraine's commitment to IAEA basic principles
14.09.2015 | 16:15
Arseniy Yatsenyuk claims personal responsibility of the Minister for failure to properly use the allocated funds
09.09.2015 | 18:11
Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Warsaw: Ukraine wants to become part of the gas energy hub with its European partners
03.09.2015 | 14:11
Hennadii Zubko: Government encourages the development of alternative energy at local level
02.09.2015 | 16:35
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Throughout the year, Ukraine has pumped up 11 billion cubic meters of gas due to reverse supplies via Slovakia
28.08.2015 | 14:28
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Trilateral Protocol between Ukraine, the EU and Russia is the only mechanism to ensure gas transit to the EU and stability of gas supplies to Ukraine
26.08.2015 | 15:10
Arseniy Yatsenyuk commissions to check petrol price at Ukrainian filling stations in connection with crude oil price drop
03.08.2015 | 18:59
Gov't to carry out energy action plan developed by international expert group
31.07.2015 | 16:38
Arseniy Yatsenyuk to summon an anti-crisis energy staff meeting
23.07.2015 | 17:37
Arseniy Yatsenyuk instructed to hasten preparation of utility sector for winter
23.07.2015 | 16:42
PM instructs to speed up the implementation of energy efficiency projects
17.07.2015 | 12:15
Ukraine and Kazakhstan agreed on economic cooperation under WTO principles
13.07.2015 | 12:59
Ukraine joins the MoU on a joint approach to the diversification and security of supply challenges in the region