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Optimization of judicial system commenced
20.01.2015 | 15:45

"We have developed an optimization package, which includes reducing the number of subdivisions of the justice system from the existing 45 to about 25. Moreover, we have planned a 20% reduction of the number of the Central apparatus of the Justice Ministry. To solve a double subordination problem we are planning to cut the quantity of managing staff and enlarge our subdivisions," explained First Deputy Justice Minister Natalia Sevostianova at a briefing at the Government House, on January 20, thus announcing the beginning of the optimization of the system of judicial bodies.

Besides, according to her, not just the number of judicial system employees should be cut but their efficiency verified and a competition opened to fill all vacant posts in the provinces and districts throughout Ukraine.

To ensure openness and transparency of the process, Natalia Sevostianova emphasized that to form a new personnel policy Ernst & Young company had been invited, that working on the labor market in Ukraine.

First Deputy Justice Minister said that there would be set up three subdivisions within the Ministry: a Reform Committee of the Justice Ministry, a Human Resource Committee of the Justice Ministry and a Monitoring center.

"A new HR policy and the process to optimize the activity of the Justice Ministry bodies is just one among the elements of our judicial system reform", Natalia Sevostianova explained and added that a detailed plan for upgrading the judicial bodies would be presented by the Minister this week.


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