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Economic growth, change of production model and further market demonopolization are key objectives for the Government, says PM to lawmakers
03.04.2018 | 13:39

The economic upturn, transition from the production model based on raw materials to that based on added value, demonopolization of markets and transparent regulation are essential tasks set before the Government. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman made this statement during a meeting initiated by MPs in order to discuss burning issues of the country's life.

"I am convinced that issues of the economy are priority... The task of politicians, the civil society and the Government is to improve the situation, to ensure stability and security are always in focus, the Prime Minister emphasized. According to him, it is not easy to achieve this task especially in conditions of constant Russian hybrid aggression. However, the Government in synergy with parliamentarians and experts has already elaborated a package of bills which encapsulates economic and European integration issues and will become the basic document of growth and development".

The attendees drew attention to the need to step up the processes of demonopolization of markets and to strengthen the role of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine as a key authority for protection of economic competition. In this context, the introduction of the practice of active exchange trading on the basis of transparency is recognized as an effective instrument.

In the course of the meeting the sides paid a special attention to the issues of reforming the energy market, to the need to shape clear principles of work for energy monopolists and market regulators, as well as the issue of land reform. According to the Head of Government, only petty farmer’s can be landholders. Under these circumstances land will become an effective resource for the farmer’s. The Prime Minister also recalled the main provisions of the program for supporting farmers, inter alia in the livestock sector, lending, encouraging the creation of cooperatives and providing equipment.

"We want strong Ukraine, thus we need to create added value within the country. At present, country holds the world leading position in many sectors (first of all, in agricultural). We can make Ukraine a more prosperous country, and we are working on it. We will fight as long as God gives us strength", Volodymyr Groysman emphasized.

The Prime Minister called on lawmakers to show consolidated efforts and to adopt important decisions for the country.


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