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Statement of the MFA of Ukraine on further violations of non-use of force regime by illegal armed groups
23.06.2014 | 17:23
Press service of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The peace plan of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to resolve the situation in the eastern regions of our country continues to receive an active support from Ukraine's foreign partners.

Positive assessment of the President’s initiative was expressed on June 23, 2014 by the EU foreign ministers at their meeting in Luxembourg, which was attended by Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

However, the peace process is being undermined by actions of illegal armed groups.

The terrorists use small arms and weapons, as well as continue mortar attacks on the positions of anti-terrorist operation units. Over the last day 10 cases of non-use of force violations by terrorists were recorded: seven checkpoints and strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were subjected to bombardment, three attacks were made on a column of military vehicles.

Terrorists continue to destroy school buildings, cities’ infrastructure, and railroad tracks. In particular, due to subversive gunmen’s attacks at Ilovaysk – Kuteinikove span in Donetsk region 14 vans of freight train were derailed.

Throughout the past two days after non-use of force was declared by the President of Ukraine over three dozen facts of truce violations by gunmen occurred.

These violations demonstrate the true intentions of gunmen: they are not interested in preserving the lives and safety of people but in continuous undermining of Ukrainian statehood and peace in the region.

In these particular circumstances, international solidarity and cohesion of peace process assessments play a crucial role.

Ukraine categorically demands from Russia to immediately influence on the actions of terrorists and take all necessary and decisive steps in order to make those illegal armed groups in Donetsk and Lugansk regions stop their meaningless fighting, lay down arms, free the hostages and administrative buildings, as well as make mercenaries to flee the territory of Ukraine.


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