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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on killing of Ukrainian military personnel and violations by terrorists of non-use of force regime in eastern regions of Ukraine
25.06.2014 | 10:55
Press service of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Against Ukraine's efforts to implement the peace plan of the President of Ukraine and prevent further victims in the east of our country, illegal armed groups, supported by Russia, continue cynical killings of Ukrainian citizens.

Last night near the city of Slovyansk, terrorist with MANPADS shot down helicopter MI-8, killing nine Ukrainian soldiers. During the day, by bomb attacks on the Ukrainian army checkpoint terrorists killed two and wounded four our soldiers.

In general, since June 20, there were more than 40 incidents, where terrorists used weapons against antiterrorist operation units of Ukraine.

Once again we see that the terrorists do not need peace, they came with the war and will do everything to ruin peace and security of Ukraine.

The cynicism of the Russian mobsters extends even to children. On June 24, gunmen prevented again the evacuation of 35 children with disabilities from Kramatorsk orphanage "Antoshka" to the Kharkiv region. Only through the intervention of orphanage personnel, terrorists were not allowed to forcibly take the children to Rostov region of Russia.

All these terrible cases show that, despite the declarative statements of the Russian Federation, Russian terrorists feel impunity and encouragement. Moscow has never condemned their terrorist acts in the eastern regions of Ukraine, has never expressed condolences for the victims of almost daily armed attacks from the gunmen and terrorists Ukraine suffers from.

Ukraine urges its international partners and the entire civilized world to act together in order to counter the aggression, which is committed by Russia in the east of our country.


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