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EIB to support Ukraine in restoration of Donbas
17.10.2014 | 10:00

On October 16, Minister of Finance of Ukraine Olexandr Shlapak met with Vice-President of the European Investment Bank László Baranyay.

Moreover, the parties discussed investment projects in the energy, humanitarian sector, transport and municipal infrastructure, exceptional measures taken by the EIB concerning credit support of Ukraine: credit line "extraordinary loan for restoration of Ukraine", increased financing from the EIB and agreements for new projects in Ukraine.

Olexandr Shlapak thanked the European Investment Bank, represented by László Baranyay for the support that the Bank provides Ukraine and noted that he would gladly discuss further cooperation of Ukraine with the EIB.

As the Vice-President of the European Investment Bank László Baranyay this year supported a project - "Beskyd railway tunnel (Ukraine)" (the guarantee agreement was ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on September 2). However, there are six new programs in the framework of cooperation between Ukraine and the European Investment Bank.

The primary project is to restore the infrastructure of the areas affected by the fighting in eastern Ukraine and meet the urgent needs of internally displaced persons.


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