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Energoatom signed a Memorandum on transparent and efficient public procurement system in Ukraine
04.11.2014 | 18:16
Press service of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry

A memorandum to build in Ukraine a transparent and efficient public procurement system was signed by the president of "Energoatom" company Yurii Nedashkovsky and Transparent Procurement Group of the Civic Platform "New Country" last week.

In the signing ceremony were participating coordinators of the Transparent Procurement Group Olexandr Starodubtsev (Ukraine), Tato Urdzhumelashvili, David Margania and David Kyzyria (Georgia), from Energoatom – first vice president, technical director Olexandr Shavlakov, executive director for legal issues and procurement procedures Natalia Muzevych, other experts.

Thus, "Energoatom" company engaged in work directed to the effective reforming of the public procurement system in Ukraine by turning it into an electronic trading format. The main objectives of the reform appear curbing and systemic prevention of corruption, as well as increased competition by simplifying access to public procurement for business.

Presently in Ukraine the legal and institutional bases have been created, called to regulate traditional "paper" public procurement processes. Concerning such procedures, the legislation of Ukraine formally meets basic international norms and standards in this sphere. However, as practice shows, formal compliance with the Ukrainian legislation does not guarantee transparent, effective and fair procurement procedures, as also does not contribute to solving of the core problem in public procurement area, which is to eradicate systemic corruption. The experience of other countries on the introduction of an electronic public procurement system in the first year provides a minimum of 10% economy due to the improved procedures. Regarding Ukraine, this figure could rise significantly due to the elimination of the causes contributing to the development of systemic corruption.

Yurii Nedashkovsky noted that excessive bureaucracy in the procurement process could often lead to negative consequences. The coordinators of the initiative group "Transparent Procurement”, in turn, noted that the proposed measures to reform the public procurement system will contribute to achievement of certain goals, including: the elimination and the system prevention of corruption, transparency of the procurement procedures, non-discrimination and objective evaluation of bids, the simplicity of application of the procedures, a gradual transition to electronic document system, complete reporting and analysis of all public procurement cases.


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