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Vitalii Lisovenko: Polish experience will enable Ukraine to evade mistakes
06.11.2014 | 14:38
Press-service of Finance Ministry

On November 6, Deputy Finance Minister of Ukraine Vitalii Lisovenko participated in the First international forum "Polish Business Day", which took place in Kiev. In particular, he delivered a speech during a panel discussion "How Ukrainian business can avoid wasting time and take advantage of the Agreement with the EU. The Polish experience".

During the discussion, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine Genryk Litvin and Chairman of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Jacek Piechota noted that Ukraine has an opportunity to evade mistakes on the way towards Association with the European Union. Thus, the Polish experience can prepare Ukrainian entrepreneurs to enter the EU market.

Vitalii Lisovenko agreed with the Polish colleagues that Ukraine should learn from the mistakes of others and for this purpose it is necessary to use the achievements of European countries.

"Each country had its own way. And, of course, there don’t exist completely ideal models. But in our opinion it is the experience of our neighbor, Poland, which is the closest for us. Of course, we will study the experience of other countries, such as France, Germany and other EU countries. However, it is better to start with Poland, which is the nearest to us. In the 90-ies we were at more or less similar starting positions, now we are at different positions," explained the Deputy Minister of Finance.

 According to Vitalii Lisovenko, all the changes that are now required in the state, require changes in legislation.

"Now there are support groups of experts from different countries and from Poland too. It is very interesting for us the experience, particularly in our area of public finance. The fiscal system in Poland poses interest for us, especially in terms of decentralization, as we now say, in order to provide extended rights locally. I think we will have a lot to take from this," the official assured.




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