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Statement of the MFA
14.01.2015 | 11:11
Press service of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

As a result of the artillery shelling of a Ukrainian checkpoint near the settlement of Bugas by the pro-Russian terrorists in the Donetsk region on January 13, one of the shells hit a bus.

11 civilians have been killed, 17 have been injured. We express our sincere condolences to the families and friends of our compatriots who lost their lives and hope for a speedy recovery of those wounded.

The shelling was carried out from the town of Dokuchayevsk which is under control of the illegal armed groups. All facts point out that this horrible tragedy was not a coincidence. There are no positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the checkpoint. Thus, the terrorists fired at the civilians intentionally.

The recent Unity March in Paris as well as numerous demonstrations throughout the world have testified that the free democratic society resolutely rejects any attempts of intimidation and terror and confirmed the high value of every human life which had been lost due to criminal acts of the international terrorists.

At the same time, the terrorist groups armed and supported by the Russian Federation continue to act openly in the east of Ukraine. Not only Ukrainian military but also civilians continue to die from the Russian bullets and shells which are illegally brought to Ukraine.

Only since signing the Minsk agreements, which the Russian side and the illegal armed groups that it supports cynically refuse to implement, 118 civilians have been killed. Today this tragic list got extended with 11 new names.

We call on the international community not to allow turning the innocent victims of the Ukrainian citizens who are killed by the terrorists into mere statistics of deaths. The terrible terrorist act that was committed by the pro-Russian militants as well as all their crimes against humanity must be resolutely condemned and punished.

Once again we demand Russia to withdraw its forces from the territory of Ukraine, to stop supporting terrorism, to hear the appeals of the international community that it is necessary to implement the Minsk agreements in full and restore peace in Donbas. 


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