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Statement of the MFA of Ukraine on state of implementation of the Minsk agreements
20.01.2015 | 11:12
Press service of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Since the Minsk agreements were signed on 5 and 19 of September 2014, signatures to which, besides Ukraine and the OSCE, were also affixed by an official representative of the Russian Federation, as well as O. Zakharchenko and I. Plotnytskyi, Ukraine continuously demands their full implementation.

These agreements built upon a Peace Plan of the President of Ukraine on peace settlement of the situation in the Donbas, including all key elements that are necessary for immediate de-escalation of the situation, its stabilization and start of rehabilitation of the Donbas, namely: cease of fire, restoration of the Ukrainian control over the Ukrainian-Russian state border, full and immediate withdrawal of foreign troops and mercenaries, assurance of return to the touch line as of 19 September 2014, withdrawal of heavy weapons, release of hostages and illegally detained persons, improving the humanitarian situation in the region and conduct of the local elections under the Ukrainian legislation.

Ukraine has been implementing the Minsk agreements in full manner and has been waiting for its fulfilment by Russia and militants in the course of long four months.

On 13 November 2014, representatives of Ukraine and Russia signed a working document envisaging a clear schedule of implementation of provisions of the Minsk agreements, in particular, concerning assurance of the bilateral cease-fire, withdrawal of heavy weapons and return to the touchline.

The Russian side recalled its signature under this document. Today, Ukraine has once again reiterated its appeal to the Russian Federation with a suggestion to sign the timetable of implementation of the Minsk agreements, namely as worded on 13 November 2014 and to ensure the ceasefire starting from 19 January.

We believe that it will allow us immediately to cease fire and protect civilians from militant’s attacks in the region, what they have been doing in the course of last four months. The beginning of strict implementation of this document will create appropriate conditions for holding in the near future consultations of the Trilateral Contact Group, as well as meeting of the Foreign Affairs Ministers of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia, and later – the Summit of Heads of State and Government in Astana. We demand this plan to be finally implemented.

Ukrainian side is ready to participate in the consultations of the Trilateral Contact Group with signatories of the Minsk agreements at any time that was practically demonstrated during the skype-conferences on 19 December 2014 and 9 January 2015, as well as during the last meeting of the Contact group in Minsk on 24 of December 2014.

The President of the Russian Federation repeatedly confirmed his adherence to implementation of the Minsk agreements in full scope and without exceptions. Such a position was stated, inter alia, at the multilateral Summit in Milan.

Over the last two months, the militants have been constantly assaulting the Donetsk airport, where Ukrainian “cyborgs” are permanently positioning. Therefore, fables about “taking of the airport” leave, please, for the internal propaganda.

Ukraine strictly adheres to all provisions of the Minsk agreements and demands Russia to do the same.


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