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Hennadii Zubko promises results of work of a joint mission of the EU, the UN and the World Bank to be included into the Recovery Plan for Ukraine
20.01.2015 | 17:08
Press service of Vice Prime Minister

A joint mission of the European Union, the United Nations and the World Bank is winding up the assessment of the ways to restore and build-up peace in Ukraine. In late February, the mission will be ready to submit a document with the recommendations for the Government of Ukraine. This was discussed today at a meeting of Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities Hennadii Zubko with members of the mission.

The Vice Prime Minister noted that the needs assessment to restore peace held by the mission, will be the part of the Recovery Plan for the country for 2015-2017, the preparation of which is underway.

Hennadii Zubko stressed that as topmost importance it is necessary to rebuild the infrastructure and life support systems of those territories that were destroyed from the attacks of militants. Moreover, he accentuated the need to create conditions to ensure returning the people who had to leave their homes in eastern Ukraine. In addition, another hot issue remains employment of displaced persons, the Vice-Prime Minister explained.

"This is a matter of importance like the restoration of the settlements in the East of Ukraine. As presently, many internally displaced persons are unemployed. Those areas that have received them and are providing comprehensive assistance have no opportunity to provide all of them with jobs. This is a problem and it should be solved with the help of investors, those ready to implement their projects in Ukraine and to create new jobs," said Hennadii Zubko.

The parties outlined future cooperation lines and planned to summon the next meeting to coordinate their work at the end of the week.


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