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Ukraine and Japan to cooperate in the field of energy efficiency
24.02.2015 | 12:21
Press Service of the State Agency for energy efficiency and energy saving

Head of the Agency Serhiy Savchuk after returning from Japan, where he was on a working visit with the Ukrainian delegation headed by First Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Yuriy Ziukov, said that in the framework of bilateral cooperation were outlined the main activities in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving. In particular:

- construction of waste treatment plants for the production of heat and electricity;

- replacement and reconstruction of existing boilers with further transferring them to alternative fuels;

- thermal modernization of residential buildings;

- construction of plants for the production of second generation bioethanol.

"Cooperation between Ukraine and Japan is very important. In fact, the energy intensity of Ukraine’s GDP compared to other developed countries is three times higher. Imported resources are a considerable part of it. The issue of energy efficiency is a priority for the Government," Serhiy Savchuk underlined, adding that Japan has experience in energy sector reform and is a leader in the field of innovation and technologies in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In turn, the Japanese side expressed its interest in cooperation with Ukraine and supported the consideration of energy efficiency initiatives presented by the Ukrainian delegation. In the near future it is planned to develop a road map on implementing relevant priorities in Ukraine with the involvement of the Japanese side.

Overall, the sides reached a bilateral agreement on further cooperation in the areas of energy efficiency, energy saving as well as renewable energy.


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