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PM assures $1.4 billion of Yanukovych's inner circle to be confiscated and returned to State budget
12.03.2015 | 16:07
Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU

The Government of Ukraine through the State Financial Monitoring Service has arrested USD 1 billion 420 million that belonged to Viktor Yanukovych’s inner circle. These assets should be confiscated and returned to the State budget, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasized during the Government’s public report on its first 100 days on Thursday, March 12.

He reminded that these assets had been already arrested for six months: "We publicly asked the prosecution service to immediately move from the arrest to the confiscation of these assets."

The confiscation of these assets, said Arseniy Yatsenyuk, would give the opportunity to pour money into the Ukrainian economy and provide additional resources for the State budget.

"We have fulfilled our job. $1.4 billion should be confiscated and returned to the State budget," the Prime Minister underlined.


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