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Kostyantyn Vashchenko: The civil service reform is assigned to set clear limits to political and administrative posts
26.03.2015 | 18:11
Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU

A civil service reform envisages a clear distinction between political and administrative positions, thus ensuring the public service being independent from influence of any political party. Chairman of the National Agency on Civil Service Kostyantyn Vashchenko announced at a briefing at the Government House on March 26, with regard to the adoption of new draft versions of laws of Ukraine "On the civil service" and "On the service in local self-government authorities".

The Chairman of the National Agency stressed that the bills had been elaborated together with public organizations, international experts, had been widely discussed by the social, scientific and expert circles, and approved by the Government on 25 March.

"Among the key priorities of the reform are distinct limits between political and administrative posts, in particular the introduction of state secretaries of relevant ministries, excluding from the civil service MP assistants, employees of staff of senior officials," explained Kostyantyn Vashchenko.

Applicants to fill civil service posts are selected exceptionally through a competition procedure. De-partisation implies a ban to be a member of political parties.

A novelty of the draft laws "On the civil service" and "On the service in local self-government authorities” is that it offers a simplified and understandable classification. Instead of the now existing 7, it is offered to leave 3 categories, instead of existing 15 ranks there will be 9.

The system of civil service management, headed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, is also to change. There is set up a Senior Civil Service Commission. This collegiate body shall coordinate requirement to fill senior posts, conduct the selection of officials and assess the validity of proposals regarding the dismissal of such persons.

"Thus, the appointments to the posts of state secretaries, heads of Central Executive bodies and other positions of senior will not occur on the party-political quotas, not on the basis of someone's personal feelings, but solely based on existing professional competence, managerial experience, previous achievements and achievements", - said Konstantin Vashchenko.

The guarantee of equal access to public service and service in local self-government bodies, in particular, shall be transparent competitions. A three-stage procedure of selection will include the verification of qualifications, testing and interview. It is significant to ensure that at least one-third of the members of the competition commission are from the public (such as industry associations etc.) who are capable to evaluate the applicant to the post in a professional and impartial way.

Another change is a different model of paying salary with two obligatory extra pays – for seniority and rank.

According to the Chairman of the National Agency, the draft laws "On the civil service" and "On the service in local self-government authorities" are harmonized with each other. In particular, an opportunity is envisaged to switch from civil service to a position in a local authority without competitive selection. It is relevant in the decentralization context.

According to Kostyantyn Vashchenko, the public service reform shall improve the quality of public services, personnel renovation of public authorities and local self-government, primarily at the account of young people, who will see professional career opportunities in the civil service.

"Any official shall become accountable to the civil society", urged Kostyantyn Vashchenko, stressing that the bills clearly determine appropriate mechanisms.

The Chairman of the National Agency expressed belief that the relevant bills will be considered by the Verkhovna Rada in the near future and endorsed, and since July 1 will enter into force.


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