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Andrii Pyvovarsky: Local authorities will be responsible for local roads
02.04.2015 | 17:21
Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU

Local authorities will be responsible for local roads. Minister of Infrastructure Andrii Pyvovarsky announced at a briefing at the Government House on Thursday, April 2, while talking about a reform of the road sector.

The Minister informed that upgrading of Ukravtodor had already commenced.

"The main objective is to establish European roads," stressed Andrii Pyvovarsky. To achieve the goal we need to decentralize the road management system.

"Local roads will be transferred, the republican roads will remain under control of a public authority to be created as a result of reorganization of Ukravtodor. Local authorities will be responsible for local roads," stressed Andrii Pyvovarsky. The local communities will supervise territorial and local roads, receive necessary funding and equipment for their maintenance. It is also planned to establish a special road fund as the source to direct money to the road maintenance.

The Minister stressed that conditions to compete would be created. Ukravtodor will no longer be a purchaser, a contractor and a supervisor of the road works. Among the conditions for the competition are changes in technological processes of use and construction, as well as competitive conditions to attract operators. Presently tenders take place on the annual basis. In Europe, a company receives contract for 7-10 years, therefrom, they can plan, take loans, etc. This experience, after making certain changes to the legislation, should be introduced in Ukraine.

Another significant issue is to establish an independent quality control system.

"It is impossible to afford a company engaged in planning, using and construction to control itself, it is necessary to exercise independent control of experts, public activists," the Minister stressed. Thus, it is crucial to apply advanced building technologies. In particular, those capable to increase road operation term from 5-7 years, as we have it now, up to 25-30 years.

The first pilot concession road will be Lviv-Krakovets. The tender documents will be ready in two weeks. "There are two interested foreign investors to fund this project", stressed the Minister.

Currently, the Railways undergo a global reforming. Now there is an independent evaluation of Ukrzaliznytsia assets, which is scheduled to finish by mid-June. Then there will begin forming the balance of the new joint stock company.

"In parallel a new law on railway transport is being drafted ", said Andrii Pyvovarsky. The following week there will launch its activity a panel with participation of representatives of the Ministry, Ukrzaliznytsia, the public, the experts, and organize a public discussion of "the first version of the new law”.

Simultaneously, a large-scale work to stabilize the technical state of the rolling stock and track facilities has commenced. In particular, we have already started around 30 tenders for procurement of technical equipment for Ukrzaliznytsya.

"A very important point is we are preparing for grain transportation, as quite a good harvest is forecast. It means an increase in exports. A programme of collaboration of Ukrzaliznytsia with ports was launched to prepare for the export season," added Andrii Pyvovarsky.

The Minister informed about a recent decision to use the principles of Open Skies at the Lviv Airport.  

"Today we open Lviv Airport on a unilateral basis for all carriers under bilateral agreements," said Andrii Pyvovarsky. He expressed belief that this will return flows to Morshyn, Truskavets and Lviv Airport will be busy.

Apart from that, he informed a draft law on inland waterway transportation was being elaborated. There has been finalized a program of reforms in the Maritime industry. In the near future it will be presented. The aim is to create efficient investment environment for infrastructure development and practical implementation of investment projects.


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