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USD1 bln were transferred on Government's accounts
03.06.2015 | 11:22
Press service of the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance reports that funds worth $1 billion that were received from the issue of bonds under U.S. loan guarantees were transferred to the accounts of the Government of Ukraine.

This became possible thanks to the signing of the Loan Guarantee Agreement between Ukraine and the United States on May 18.

This agreement is part of bilateral and multilateral economic support for Ukraine, which includes a four-year IMF program (expanded lending mechanism), and reflects an increase in support for economic reform made by the Ukrainian Government. Like the previous loan guarantee agreement by the U.S., provisions of the current agreement are to increase Ukraine's desire to meet the conditions of the IMF program and take other steps needed to facilitate the rule of law, social protection systems, further promote important structural reforms and recover Ukraine’s economic growth.

The interest rate on Eurobonds is 1.847% per year. Interest payment will be carried out twice a year (on May 29 and 29 November). The scheduled maturity of the bonds – on May 29, 2020.

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