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Gov't commissions MED to allocate funds from reserve fund of the State Budget to liquidate consequences of a fire in Kyiv region and assistance to families of victims
09.06.2015 | 17:21

During its session the Government instructed the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to urgently allot funds from the Reserve Fund of the State Budget to overcome an emergency situation that had occurred on 8 June 2015 on-the territory of a petroleum storage depot of Pobutrembudmaterialy company in Glevakha of Vasilkovsky area, Kyiv region, and to provide assistance to the families of victims and those who had been killed.

"On behalf of the Prime Minister the Government has set up a Government Commission on liquidation of consequences of the emergency situation, provided all necessary instructions. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade was commissioned to immediately allocate funds from the Reserve Fund of the State Budget to take all needed measures to liquidate consequences of the accident, and to assist the bereaved families and the victims," informed Vice Prime Minister Viacheslav Kyrylenko on the results of the emergency meeting of the Government.

The Vice Prime Minister said that a Government Commission is headed by Chairman of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Nikolay Chechiotkin and comprises representatives of all concerned ministries.

Viacheslav Kyrylenko noted that the situation was being controlled by all branches of Government, with carrying out a comprehensive monitoring: technological and environmental, as well as all aspects related to overcoming the effects of the emergency situation.

"The situation is carefully monitored, from the beginning of the accident Gov’t representatives, such as the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Chairman of the State Emergency Service, the spot was also visited by the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine", informed the Vice Prime Minister.

According to him, following the government decision a commission was issued to find out the reasons of the emergency situation and provide a relevant report to the Government within three days after liquidation of the consequences.

In turn, Chairman of the State Emergency Service Nikolay Chechiotkin assured that the "emergency situation in the area of fire is under control," the SES units carried out examination on the territory of the depot and proceeded to extinguish the fire. According to him, to liquidate the consequences of the fire there were involved units of Zhytomyr, Cherkasy and Kirovohrad regions. "The situation is carefully monitored. We are working around the clock – until we completely contain the blaze", he stressed.


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