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Valerii Voshchevskii: Poland is interested in investing into construction of new infrastructure objects in Ukraine
22.07.2015 | 10:47
Press service of Vice Prime Minister

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Valerii Voshchevskii met with a delegation of Polish investors in order to strengthen economic cooperation.

During the meeting, the Polish side expressed interest to invest into the construction of new infrastructure facilities of Ukraine.

In particular, the Polish businessmen are ready to grant about USD 200 million to build an underground network in Troieshchyna area in Kyiv. It concerns the first stage of the construction activities: from Podilska station to Raiduzhna station with the length of 5.9 km including five new stations. The project implementation term is 3 years.

It should be noted that an issue of the construction of the Troieshchyna subway was raised 30 years ago and still has not been resolved.

Now this residential area accommodates about 450 thousand people, given the perspective development of the construction activities the population may increase by 120 thousand persons.

"Underground construction is a matter the Government pays special attention to, despite insufficient resources. Ukraine has lost a fifth of its territory and the economy. We are actually at war, and the demand of funds for our military bloc is constantly growing. Therefore, investment projects for the construction of our infrastructure means support of Ukraine in the most difficult period," stressed Valerii Voshchevskii, expressing his gratitude to the investors from Poland.

The meeting resulted into reaching an accord to gather again in order to tackle the conditions of crediting the project for the construction of the underground network in Kyiv by a Polish bank.


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